Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Some few things I need to consider on Academics:

Philosophy: I just failed a quiz. I'm hoping that Mr. Bulaong still cancels lowest results, because otherwise, I will have a spot of problems here from getting an A. Loath that I am, I forgot all about reading the article.

History: Bah Gawd, I should've aced this oral examination! But no, I just had to forget who the theorist was, so when he introduced a question on the theory (Weapons of the Weak) by using the name of the theorist (James Scott), I got totally lost... darn it. I ended up getting a question on John Schumacher (Not the racer, not the director. The historian.), and I'm not sure about my answer. At least, I'm sure I got the Galleon Trade perfectly.

Theology: Riddle me this: Can something that came ahead of another thing AFFIRM the latter? I think it can, and Fr. Reyes, really quirky old man that he is, doesn't really think so... he said Gaudium Et Spes and Humanae Vitae don't affirm Persona Humana simply because the former two came first. Oh, really? Still, I got 89% with my last long test. We had a fun debate on pre-marital relations, and I must say that the entertainment value was high. Let me take it up a notch when I finally get to debate on Tuesday. It's going to be about abortion. I still hope I can get that B+...

Public Relations: I think I can still ace this. I got the results of my P.R. tool, and it was a 92. My take-home long test resulted in a 93. Not bad, if I do say so myself. I was fairly surprised most of all with the P.R. tool. Comic Images, I owe you jabronis one!!! :biggrin:

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