Friday, March 28, 2003

It's Friday! You know what that means...

Still, before we go for that, let's talk about a mini-vituperation...

Arrrgghhhh!!! It cost me 640 bucks to buy that Fire Pro Wrestling cartridge, and now, for some reason I can't understand, it looks like the saving battery died on me. I can't save the game again, and that really irritates the Hades out of me (Well, maybe not. I still love having a lot of Hades within me... :grins menacingly:). Nonetheless, I hope I can get it fixed at Gamestuff or something...

Sadly as well, this will be my last regular post before the next schoolyear begins. From this point on, I will have weekly updates, unless if I get lucky... I'll be missing all the news, but those are the breaks, I suppose. I just hope the people who are reading my blog leave an entry in my guestbook... isn't that guestmap cute? :biggrin:

In other news, Dance Maniax costs only six bucks in SM Centerpoint. Here are the perks: Five songs, no failing of songs. What's not to like about that machine? Of course, I'm pretty well-known in Centerpoint, but with this price, I don't mind at all...

Okay. Let's do the drill... Next week's Top Five: The Top Five Songs You'd Play On Your Honeymoon

As for this week...

The Top Five Worst Lines From Filipino Movies Or Telenovelas

5. (From Bituin) Hindi lang bomba ang pasasabugin ko sa kanyang party, kundi isang bomba atomika!
4. (Also from Bituin, said by Melody.) Kung gusto ni Bernadetter makipag-tuos sa akin, puwes, bibigyan ko siya ng showdown!
3. (From some action flick.) Policemen: Sumuko ka na! Napapaligiran ka na namin!
Criminal: Hindi ako susuko! Marami ako!!!
2. (Vilma Santos, to Christopher De Leon in some film.)Kung hindi lang sana tayo nag-holding hands... hind sana nasira ang pag-aaral ko.
1. (From Kalaro. Hazel Espinosa was blackmailing Ynez Veneracion. Ynez refused to believe it.) Ynez: Are you joking?
Hazel: Do I look like joking?

Catch you soon, jabronis!!!

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