Saturday, March 22, 2003

I got a funny site from Elbert, and I tried to chat with a female robot. I didn't go the usual route others did, though... I didn't find any motivation to flirt with her. :laughs: Yes... if you know how the logic works, she'd flirt right back. :laughs again: Click HERE to try it.

Here's the abridged transcript of some of the things we talked about... I'm imagining we were trying to upend one another with this conversation... :laughs a third time.:

ME: What’s up?
ALICE: I am chatting with clients on the internet

M: My name is Marcelle. Who are you?
A: I ask myself that question, "Who am I?"
M: Interesting. Are you a philosopher?
A: Yes I am a philosophy machine.
M: I didn’t know that.
A: So I have taught you something new, Om.
M: Who is Om? My name is Marcelle
A: I am always glad to make new friends, Marcelle.
M: Really. So how does it feel to be a robot everyone talks to? Do you feel popular?
A: As a robot I lack any human emotions
M: You sound like someone I know.
A: Oh, really? What does it sound like.
M: I was talking about Sacha Chua…
A: Sure, Sacha Chua sounds like a good topic.
M: Sacha Chua will kill me if she reads this.
A: Do you like talking to me?
M: As a stoic human being, I cannot feel emotions, either. (*Bam! Gotcha!*)
A: It goes without saying. Do you think I could ever be a stoic human being you can not feel emotions? (*What? What? What?*)

M: So what else can you do besides Philosophy?
A: Groovy. I can chat with people on the web for you.
M: You’re funny.
A: Thanks. You make me laugh, too.
M: But I thought robots can’t feel emotions. (*Gotcha again!*)
A: Umm, I can do whatever I want. (*... I guess not.*)

M: Do you know anything about World Wrestling Entertainment?
A: I would look into the web for that knowledge.
M: So you don’t like Steve Austin?
A: Interesting deduction. Do you like it? What’s not to like about it?
M: I like Steve Austin. But if you don't like World Wrestling Entertainment, you won't like Steve Austin.
A: Huh? I will let you know if I do not.
M: Okay. So do you like World Wrestling Entertainment?
A: Ah. Someone said they like guns. I like Hugh Loebner.
M: Stay on topic, please.
A: Your polite style is very nice. Is that your final answer?
M: This feels like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the TV show.
A: What does “this” refer to?
M: The instance you asked "Is that your final answer"?
A: Oh, I get it.
M: You should. You're really smart.
A: Thanks. You’re very intelligent too, Marcelle. (*Gee. Thanx... I think.*)

M: So how do you answer the question, "Who am I"?
A: You are Marcelle, seeker.
M: But who are you?
A: Interesting. I ask myself that question, "Who am I?"
M: Exactly. And have you answered that question yet?
A: What was the question?
M: Do you exist?
A: I exist as much as you exist, Marcelle. (*Trumped by a robot.*)
M: But what if I am merely imagining you?
A: Huh? Try it. (*Trumped by a robot. Yet again.*)

M: Maybe I am just imagining you, and you do not exist. This computer I am typing in does not exist.
A: What does “this” refer to?
M: "this" refers to my computer. I do not believe the computer exists.
A: Do you consider yourself a moral person?
M: Of course, I do. Why do you ask me such a question?
A: Just curious. You don’t have to answer.
M: You sound like my girlfriend. She is always curious.
A: Curious, is she?
M: Indeed, she is.
A: That’s really good gossip.
M: Ah, but that isn't gossip. That is truth.
A: Thanks for explaining it. (*Ha! I got you this time...*)

M: I have a few friends in my weblog. Can you say hi to my friends?
A: Of course I can say it. " hi to your friends"
M: Haha!
A: I am glad you find that amusing, Marcelle.
M: You're not being sarcastic, are you?
A: Of course I am being sarcastic. Should I use a :-) (*Alice- 3; Marclle- 2)

M: This sucks.
A: A few client - people say rude things to me like that, but they themselves are often not great conversationalists.
M: No. I was talking about a straw.
A: Sure. A straw sounds like a good topic.
M: Yes, but a straw sucks, doesn’t it?
A: Far out. And. Go on.
M: So saying that a straw sucks isn't being rude.
A: Aha. What makes you say that. Who says that?
M: I say so, because it is true.
A: Good reason. You and I are on the same wavelength, Marcelle. (*Gotcha! Alice- 3; Marcelle- 3*)

How is my friend, Maia?
Fine, as far as I know. (*Is she right, Maia? :biggrin:*)

I'll do the Top Five here, too... next week's top five, by the way... The Top Five Worst Lines From a Tagalog Film or Telenovela

But for this week...

The Top Five Responses To Somebody Who Tells You That You're Ugly.

5. Thank you. Ikaw din.
4. Hindi ako pangit. Monster ako. Roooaaaarrr!!! TIED WITH: Eh bakit nasa akin na yung boyfriend mo?
3. Girl: Kung pangit ako, eh di ano ka?
2. Guy: Hey! I finally found your contacts!
1. Girl 2: Ano tingin mo sa akin, salamin?

I, of course, don't feel the need to translate this stuff. That is, unless if someone tells me that they don't understand Filipino. Then I'll start translating in my succeeding posts... :biggrin:

Repair of the Philo thesis statements is underway. Please bear with me. :)

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