Friday, March 21, 2003

I didn't think I'd ever have to talk about the war... not that I'm apathetic about it, but it's just that I felt that it didn't make sense for me to try and make heads or tails with something that is so physically far from me...

I don't like what's happening at all. I would've supported the war (Let's face it: Saddam needs to be brought down, whether figuratively or literally.), if and only if it was backed by the United Nations. Why is this? A unilateral/bilateral strike from the US and possibly Britain will simply undermine the powers bestowed upon the United Nations. So who in Hades cares about their powers, right? Wrong. With this event as precedent, we now see countries who are brazen enough to defy the U.N. While indeed, something has to be done, there is a reason why due process needs to be done beforehand. Undermining the U.N. will simply show other countries that the U.N. is helpless against superpowers like US or Britain. In turn, this will make the U.N. look like a white elephant of an organization, and in a time of political unrest like this, I don't want that to happen.

I would support war as a last resort, and because the U.N. did not deem the need to take that route yet, the US should've respected this stance. A unilateral assault will simply show that the U.N. is not strong enough to rein in its members, and exacerbate their ineptitude at handling the Saddam issue to begin with.

Now, people in Baghdad are taking flight from the country. I'd like to focus my attention on the Filipinos who are there, and how irksome their attitudes have been to the point that I almost don't feel sorry for them. They were given months in advance to get out, and televised interviews showed these people standing tall, saying that "They are not afraid, and will stick it out in Baghdad whatever happens." These very same people are now the ones who are causing stampedes in the airport, which word has it has caused injuries at the very least, possibly even casualties. I feel sorry for them because they are now scared to death, but I can't help but get irked when they start to blame everyone but themselves for being stuck in Baghdad when they were given so much time beforehand to leave. A part of me understands the dilemma they faced, though... they needed money and all.

But my biggest beef would have to be with a lot of the businessmen who had the gall to look at the war as a chance to "bolster the economy once the rebuilding process begins." They're now talking about how contract deals for reconstruction would certainly aid the economy, and how the new Iraqi government (They are quick to assume victory, so it seems. What if Saddam gasses his own people each time US strikes? Think Bush will win this war, knowing the price he has to pay if Saddam did that?) will definitely get more workers from countries like the Philippines. Bah Gawd, stop turning the war into a freaking investment deal! If all you can see in war are the dollar signs, and not the casualties and grief along with it, then maybe you should start investing your millions into a decent, working heart.

In line with this, my Top Five is delayed until Monday. I'm sorry about that.

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