Tuesday, March 18, 2003

One of these days, I ought to do that blog-hopping routine again, where I comment on people in my links... but not right now, I suppose. I'm too lazy... maybe after summer, or by the end of this week... Haha-haha!

So many things to be happy about. Although I need to perfect my final exams to hack a B+ for Theology, I'm on my way to getting exempted from History, anyway. Likewise, I have a strong feeling that I can ace my Philosophy as well... not because I'm an authority or anything... (If you want an authority of sorts on Philo, you can always go to PJ.) more likely because I've been doing a lot of reading for it, and I've been holding back some bits and pieces from the discussion in reservation for my orals. Regardless, I'm giving it 101% come next Wednesday... I'm not sure if I need to wear a formal attire or something, though... I certainly hope not. I'm not in a bargaining position with my stepdad yet for me to borrow a suit from him.

There's this really nice quiz in Maia's Live Journal that I'd love to take. Sitll, since this is a very much wholesome blog (Kind of...), I guess I can't post the results I got here... :laughs:

But those are secondary things for me to be happy about. Right now, I'm happy because other people I know are happy. I won't mention who she is (I'm not sure if it's okay with her for me to talk about it, in the first place.), but I'm glad she finally found someone to love. Sehr gut (Very good)! And here she was, telling everyone at first that she was afraid she'd end up being an old maid, and she's simply so in love right now... what can I say? I'm happy for you.

Likewise, a certain person I know has been giving me the same "old maid for life" business. With the above person and even Abby as precedent, I don't put much stock in lines like that anymore (I dunno. For me, that's a good thing.). It seems that the more you avoid falling in love, the harder you fall when you finally do. Falling in love, of course (Gotta use my Theology... even if Fr. Reyes won't be reading this. :chuckles:), is just one part of the equation. But you have to start somewhere, no?

Anyways, I managed to have a nice talk with her, and I suppose I've never felt better about being in the right place at the right time than I did last night since I got to know Grace by pure chance (I'm not fatalist. Sorry.). She told me a lot of things that I could relate to, and thus, my advice (For whatever it was worth.) was certainly relevant to the matter-at-hand. With that said, and with my getting over the fear of jinxing something by calling it, I'm just thankful that I can now call *jaded* my best friend...

As for Grace, I've been reviewing her for her exams... half of the stuff I've been asking her about, even I can't pronounce! Amelowhatchamacallitacose... stuff like that simply turn my brain to mush. I'm less into the objective facts, and more on what worth those things really are to a person in the first place, hence, why I like Philosophy and Theology, among other subjects.

Apparently, the person who hacked a certain banned OB member's website has been revealed, albeit subtly. To that person: You are good. Of course, I'm sure Sacha would disagree. She doesn't condone cyber-terrorism...

Ah, well. I'm in high spirits right now, though I'm deliberately keeping my spirits from soaring too high... I don't want manic-depressive cycles... :laughs:

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