Wednesday, March 12, 2003

"Vituperation" will really stay in my vocabulary now. Haha-haha! It's a pretty catchy word. Nonetheless, I still haven't found the Fire Pro Wrestling cartridge, since when I got to Sta. Lucia yesterday, the cheapest they had was at 1,150. Still pretty exorbitant for something that should cost 620...

I got to watch Koihime already. I wonder if I can actually try reviewing an H film like this for a change. If and when that happens, I will have to link to Madame Sky's site afterwards... anyone else who reads this who has seen the film? Raise your hands, please. Haha-haha!

In other news...

This schoolyear is about to end, and I can't help but feel some separation anxiety.

I'm the worst possible combination of a nerd, a geek, and an extrovert. My being the latter usually gets in the way of the former two, but without it, I can't even focus myself on studying and the like to begin with. I constantly need to strike a balance between being the former two and the latter. The telltale sign that I'm far from achieving that is the fact that I still forget to study from time to time because I spend too many hours chatting with *jaded*, or being holed up in OB, or most likely, going out with Grace, or just staying around at her house (Which is so comfy to me already... I don't think I'd be worrying about my potential in-laws in the future. Really nice people. I love them, too.)

I've been giving out the URL of this blog to certain people who matter. Do note that it's not to gain more traffic in this site. I'm not out to promote myself, or else, I'd just be giving it away to anyone who'd bother listening, and knows what the Hades a blog is. I give it to people who matter because I love hearing from them, and in the case of people like, say, Sacha, whom I rarely see, or even a former teacher like Ma'am Sining Tanedo (Somebody teach me the ampersand for an "enye", please... :biggrin:), it's my only means of keeping in touch. This is the only constant thing I do that doesn't cost money. Texting does. E-Mail for me has been quite a chore lately.

But once the schoolyear ends, all that changes. I'd be working in RX again this summer for my practicum, and that means I won't be able to go online. That's especially since I depend on the school for my Internet access. Still, I expect to update this blog at least once a week come summer. Imagine how much catching up I'd have to do with OB, though... missing even the weekend caused me to be in total confusion over the banning of a certain member who I don't have to mention anymore.

I'm a little down today, but since I spent most of my frustrations on the previous post, I can't even be bothered to go third person again... it feels fairly trivial to me, in the end, whether I get to blog daily or not. I will still write the way I love to write, and I will still be the same old HTML scrub you've known and loved (Or hated. Or feared. Or whatever else.). I'm fine with my life as is, seeing as how I'm far removed from the Psychiatric Wards and jail cells of yesterday... things are much better, and I've been a bigger optimist through all of this. That makes ultra-pessimistic Marcelle a realist. The same triviality should be ceded to my sentiments on OB, though of course, I'd be spending hours on end just reading posts if I disappear for more than two days.

Nonetheless, with everything going on in my life right now, I have better things to do than to stay down. I'm sure that brighter things are lurking around the corner. The first bit of bright news being the fact that I'll be seeing Chico and Delamar on a daily basis this summer, thanx to my work.

And that, my friends, is true.

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