Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Another Used To Be...


Funny thing is, a chatter named Demure_Del thought that Fabs and Kel are not the same person. She even said that we sounded different. Ah, well...

But what's worse is the fact that the YM in the station seems to generate very obscene links over IM. Of course, as I have no control over that, it seems as though it happens to be I who would be sending those dastardly links. Joyce and another chatter friend of hers decided to freak me out by insinuating that I'm lewd, in spite of telling them over and over again that I wasn't the one typing the links out. The moment they revealed that they were just joking with me, I was halfway to being pissed and being relieved...

Good Gawd, I cannot let my reputation be stained (What reputation?)!

.:More Chatting:.

I had a nice chat with a couple of other people, especially Chy and Shai (They rhyme! Hi ;)!), who've been really nice for keeping me company in the morning. Here's a short transcript from Chy...

chy_cas : btw, i checked out ur stalker's profile... slightly chinita naman eh.

driveandgrind: Gyeh?
driveandgrind: Kahit na.
driveandgrind: She's 28, she's taken, and she's nothing like the three Chinitas you'd see in my blog right now.
driveandgrind: Haha.

chy_cas : wow. if only she could read that. that should sting her to the stratosphere. hahaha.
chy_cas : ur something else kel. subtlety is ur plus. hahaha.. one heck of a laugh trip.
chy_cas : what can i say... good luck?

driveandgrind: Thanx.
driveandgrind: Subtlety? I have to be subtle.
driveandgrind: I'm teaching students who look at my every move, and I cater to listeners who listen to my every word.
driveandgrind: Ergo, I must be subtle.

chy_cas : its a fan driven industry.
chy_cas : point well taken
chy_cas : moral of the story: dont be deceived by the braces-glazed smile.
chy_cas : kaw talaga

driveandgrind: Why?

chy_cas : nothing. ur funny.

driveandgrind: Thanx. Ironically, it only happens when I'm not trying to be funny.

We had a pretty interesting conversation, to think she's a whole world away... heh. She even heard about my forays in the Galaxy Far, Far Away, and she told me that my "parents" must be proud of me now, despite the situation we found ourselves in.

Shai, on the other hand, had a certain care that she was dealing with, though. Least I could do for her was listen. As usual, we all know how these problems go, and who they could very well involve, but for her sake, I won't be divulging any details about it anymore... still, it's nice to chat with her, although I'm a bit more frank with her, though I know she was just joking about the potentiality for her to... well, you know. I'll just skip the transcripts, though.

She's apparently an SSB pure Chinese, as I found out this morning. Nice combination, really. Heh. She's fun to talk to, and boy, am I glad that I'm comfortable enough to be candid with her about certain things unlike the way I was with certain people. It helped to eliminate a lot of ambiguity.

Interesting job, though... a head hunter. Wow. What kinds of heads do people like that hunt? ;)

.:Oh, The Hilarity:.

voldemort02: Have you checked out the pictures in my folders yet?

ninjapeps: not yet

voldemort02: Do me a favor, and don't. I mean, do you really want to stumble upon Eric Vidal NAKED?

ninjapeps: good Lord, no

voldemort02: So you've been warned.

That, in a nutshell, has got to be the quickest way to make a person feel nauseous, male or female... heh.

.:Paperwork Daunts Me:.

One thing I flat out hate about Philosophy: research. Especially the type that requires me to spend hours in the library, wandering around aimlessly in hopes of finding a good source of information for me to make use of in this or that paper. Well, truth be told, it doesn't matter what subject, I'm just not really fond of going to the library, period. There's just something about it that makes me rather... not too pleased...

Ah, well. This is a pretty short post, so I noticed. But it's fine...

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