Wednesday, June 09, 2004


So women are segregated because men grope them?

I should know. I used to ride the LRT.

Oh. I thought you used to grope women.

.:Now What?:.

Apparently, my boss isn’t too impressed with “Fabs” as my airname, so I’d have to change it to something else. Any ideas? I’m really stymied right now, as I don’t have any good ideas at this moment. And no, Chuanteck wouldn’t cut it. =)

.:Trivia Day:.

Today was “Wave Back Wednesday”, and I must say that it was pretty amusing. We had “That’s A Fact” as a portion, where we were throwing out trivia at one another. I really got into my element for the most part today, as we were talking about stuff like Yankee Doodle, the origin of Xerox, the Brooklyn Bridge, True Lies, hurricanes, and a host of other things like that.

I was pretty happy and all, considering how the conversations in the show were livelier than usual, and it was funny how Ann was saying I was “really like a teacher” for whipping out a thick book for all my trivia needs. It was amusing, no question about it, and the input from the listeners was overwhelming but more than welcome. I had a lot of fun there, and I was being sneaky all the same…

Ann: What’s your trivia, Fabs?

Marcelle: Did you know that Ronan Chua is listening to us right now?

Ann: What a sneaky way to greet people!

Jean was also having fun for the most part in the show, constantly eyeing me whenever I say “Parking Lot” in the San Miguel Beer plug, as my classic blooper a couple of days ago still hasn’t left her mind. It was all good, though, and I really liked how the show went.


Ann played one of my favorite songs of all time, “In My Life”, by Patti Austin. I really, really loved that song. It’s one of the all-time greats, and Ann was half-expecting me to cry while I was listening to the song, perhaps reminiscing about “someone familiar”. Well, not really, but that song makes me gush all over, as it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever listened to. Some of you may knock Aiza Seguerra, but if only for the fact that she made a medley of that song and the “In My Life” by Bette Midler (Originally by the Beatles.), she has struck quite a nerve with me.

Thanks for that one, Ann! =)

.:A Two-On-One:.

Off the air, Ann and I ended up discussing the sudden wedding between Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez (Guess how I found out about that… ::winks connivingly::). Ann, being a diehard fan of Ben Affleck, said that it’s good that she’s married to Marc Anthony and not to Ben. I then rebutted that and told her that Matt Damon and Ben are an item, so there was no room for Ben and Jen. That explains why Matt wasn’t too fond of Jennifer Lopez.

Naturally, Ann didn’t agree with me.

Ann: That is soooo not true. They’re best of friends!

Marcelle: Oh. SO that’s what they call it now!

The topic expanded to essentially say that male best friends are usually suspected of being gay (Guess where that idea came from again… heh.), and the debate was taken on the air, with Ann jokingly threatening me to not board with her again if I insist on saying that Ben Affleck is gay. I then asked for an insta-poll about male best friends, which I lost with four votes to none.

However, two people were saying that Ben Affleck is really bisexual. One of them even went to assert that he saw on E! that Ben and Matt were getting ready to be married in Massachussets, where gay unions are supposedly legal. Now, I have no proof to confirm this assertion, but Ann’s reaction to these people was priceless. I may have lost the battle, but in giving Ann skewed notions about Ben’s masculinity, I do believe I won the war. Of course, I wasn’t too unscathed, because when she was defending Ben…

Ann: Just because they’re really close doesn’t mean they’re gay.

Marcelle: I have close male friends but I’m not gay!

Jean: Uhh… we’re talking about Ben, Fabs. Not you. Defensive!

That was hilarious. I just gave the listeners reason to believe I was gay (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you. It’s 2004. I don’t judge.)…

Before I left, alluding to our small talk on the air about beso-beso...

Ann: Boy, am I glad that I'm my boyfriend's best friend. I don't have to worry about stuff like that.

Marcelle: Well, yeah...

Ann: I sure hope I don't see you making beso with another guy, though...

Marcelle: I'm secure about my sexuality. If I were to do that, it wouldn't change a thing about me.

I'm sure the question some are asking is: I'm secure, but I'm secure that I'm what?

Ah, never mind.


Now, you all know that being in Strata 2000, WAVE 89.1 shares a building with at least two other radio stations. This setup would naturally lead to competing DJ’s bumping into one another on a regular basis, and it’s an interesting interaction every time. I’m just thankful that the competition isn’t fierce enough for the DJ’s to actually hate one another and snub each other…

In any case, I ran into Brad Turvey when I went down for a short while, and he was waiting for the day that my concentration breaks and I blurt out something familiar. He knows something really interesting, as the two of us have known each other for quite some time already. And please, don’t ask me anything about Pops Fernandez. There’re some things I never talked to him about when I ran into him slightly more often because of the stuff I used to be up to.

When Jean and I were about to leave, we also saw Delamar. She seemed a bit of in a hurry and nearly didn’t notice me greet her. Ah, well. It’s no big deal. Just because we’re competitors (Whether or not one is better than the other is far from the issue here.) does not mean we have to be enemies. Always a good rule of thumb in any line of work, or school (ADMU vs. DLSU, anyone?), for that matter.

.:Far Off:.

Not much. Just passed by DLSU after the longest time and met up with Sam and Noey. Hope and Sunshine (New acquaintance.) was there, and the former kept on rambling about something “idiotic” she believes she has done. It’s all good, really. I don’t see why she thinks she’d stand out to that person, regardless of the case. Ergo, she’s ranting on empty.

A day ago, I passed by my High School Alma Mater (Don Bosco Technical College.). Just met some of my old teachers, but not too many people were around, so nothing too interesting happened. Still, it was good to be there for a while. I miss that place…

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