Friday, June 11, 2004

.:Catching Up:.

Had a short convo with Erika Canlas last night. Haven’t heard from her besides online in ages, so I was glad I managed to catch her for a short while. It’s all good. Nothing much to be discussed that hasn’t already been discussed online…


Today is Jean’s last day as part of the Drive & Grind Show. We are so going to miss her, as she really was quite a wonderful addition to the show. Truth be told, between me and her, I was more of the third spoke in the wheel than she was, as she really knew what she was doing every single time she was there at the station, which was more than could be said of me when I was starting out (And even to some extent to this very day…).

Anyways, we had another honesty poll for “What’s Your Say” today, asking the people whether or not they are willing to give up the one they love if they found out that the person was already married. Answers were varied for the most part, as some people believed in letting go while others didn’t. I had a lot of fun today with the show, as we were running fairly smoothly for the most part (I had 11 hours of sleep. Whee!!!), despite immense hunger. There were some amusing things there, though…

Anne: It’s his birthday today? He is so cute!!!

Marcelle: Uh-huh…

Jean: Why’re you agreeing with her, Kel? You find him cute, too?

Marcelle: Not really. I was just indicating that I was listening.

Anne: Excuses, excuses.

I was even asked to read something in German, which sent me back to familiar ground all over again. Nonetheless, things were going pretty fine, although discussions on a certain nursery rhyme, (1, 2, 3, Asawa Ni Marie, to be exact.) did sort of disorient me a bit. It’s all good, though. I noticed how Anne and Jean tend to listen to me closely when I start going to the parts in the stuff I read where I screwed up in recent days, such as the SUMMIT announcement, where they were hoping for a repeat of “Smart Parenteeeeng” from me. Speaking of Summit, must send in my resume to them soon. I need to work some more on actualizing that one-year plan…

Someone was asking if it “does is really Kel (sic)” on my Friendster account. Of course. Does is me. Why would I want to pretend to be some lanky-looking guy wearing shades and carrying a wrestling title on his shoulder, neh? Anyways, I was having a hard time keeping my concentration up for obvious reasons. It was a hectic day, to say the least, as all three of us were distracted somewhat one way or another…

.:A Classic:.

One trick I learned from a galaxy far, far away from a certain Jedi Master was how to read messages with feeling and come off as extremely amusing. With that being said, this has got to be my favorite entry for “What’s Your Say” today…

Being in a relationship with someone married is wrong in God’s eyes! And choosing to stay with that person after finding it out is another wrong! WRONG can NEVER be RIGHT!!! If that were to happen to me, I would give her up because my love is not strong enough to fight for our love, but because it is the right thing to do. And maybe, just maybe… ::sighs:: we’d be together in the future.

It was a “you had to hear it to believe it” moment for me… heh. I hope more messages like these come my way, though. I’d have a heyday… ah, well.

A couple of people might be interested to know that they won tickets to a special Juicy Fruit Gum-sponsored event, though. The two names that might catch this little announcement and find some use for it are the following:

Grace Apron, and Jess Sugay.

.:Mexicans And Assortments:.

After the show, the three of us stayed around the station for a while, as we were waiting for the Podium to open so we can have brunch at Orta Cotra, or something like that. It’s a Mexican restaurant. Things were pretty amusing there for the most part, as I haven’t tried Mexican food for a long time, so the mushroom quesadillas and the beef tostado combo were a welcome change of pace for me. Anyways, we were talking about a lot of internal stuff, such as certain conflicts among the jocks in WAVE and the jocks in RX. Anne was asking me about info regarding Chico and Delle’s leaving RX and coming back afterwards, and I mentioned how it’s going to be a long wait for my evaluation from sir Joe D. Mango as he will be gone the whole week next week… (Yes: I'm still not officially part of the payroll. ::sigh::)

Nonetheless, things were pretty interesting, as the discussion we had about how people change from high school to college, and how people deal with snatchers and other similar cretins in everyday life, all proved to be extremely informative. I’m glad that my conversations with Anne and Jean have been, for the most part, smooth. Anne was taking the chance to drop some bombshells on somebody during her show, though, as Jean was saying her formal goodbyes to us… I had funny theories about how that turned out.

And yeah, Anne knows by now why I owe RX so much… the stuff about Bruce Romano being my gateway to getting to know Grace is a story made for film, I swear.

Hmm… what else did I miss? Nothing much else, really… first time for me to reach M. Bison in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, though… at least, first time without any continues at all…

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