Friday, June 18, 2004

.:Messed Up:.

My day didn't start right, so I ended up entering the booth all winded and tired, with just a few minutes to spare before the TOH came along. I was almost out of breath during my piece, and the irony was accented by the fact that I was running late because I was searching for my jacket, yet I was so winded that I found the booth to be too warm even with the air conditioner at full blast. Admittedly, I had a lot of problems during my run there, and I had several mortal sins of dead air yesterday.

Anne and I greeted Chico on his birthday, though we used his real name instead. For the most part, lots of people were chatting with me, and it was fun. Ronan was there, and the day before that, Jonsi, even.

Yesterday was a bit less hectic since the listeners didn't drop into the booth and hear my walkman on full blast (Accidentally toggled the earphone to the regular speakers...), but I swear, the bad start to the day really hampered me, although our “Analyze This” was extremely fun. I continued the tradition of reading messages with a lot of feeling and all...

.:Why Am I Even Arguing With This Sumbish?:.

kevincabillio: hello there, Anne!
kevincabillio: you know what? I have a crush on you.

driveandgrind: Uh... this is Kel. Not Anne.

kevincabillio: where's Roy?
kevincabillio: I used to love it when the two of them rapped in the show all the time.
kevincabillio: please play “All Night” by Janet Jackson. Please, please, please!

Later on, we granted Ronan's request, another Janet Jackson song that featured Kanye West... for the umpteenth time, he goes on YM and...

kevincabillio: where's Roy? Is he still with WAVE? Please play “All Night” by Janet Jackson. It'd make my day. Please, please, please!

driveandgrind: We just played a Janet Jackson song!

kevincabillio: but that wasn't “All Night”.

driveandgind: We can't play two songs by the same artist in the same show.

kevincabillio: Really? So why did you play back-to-back R. Kelly songs?

At this point, I decided to ignore the annoying little bastich. As if it wasn't bad enough for him to be looking for Anne's ex-partner and bugging me about it as though I were Rye's keeper, he even had no idea about the name of the guy he was looking for, constantly asking for “Roy”. That, plus the fact that he just out and out professed how much he liked Anne without so much as a proper transition into it really creeped me out but annoyed me even more.

It's hard to please everybody, but there're some people you just want to kick in the teeth from time to time just so they'd know their place...


You are Ateneans of the highest order. Men and women for others. Please clean as you go from this cafeteria. Please respect the rights of others to a clean eating area. Thank you for your cooperation and your kind heart...

It's not just a campaign by the cafeteria to clean up the place through the help of the students... the first sentence is already screaming of “programming” to me. And so they attempt to brainwash people to be people of “the highest order”. Yes, that piece plays repeatedly in the Calf now, almost making me lose sight of the fact that the Celadon population in the Ateneo will inadvertently increase soon enough, as I happen to notice...

.:Fishing For Presents:.

I wanted to get either the “Da Vinci Code” or “Angels and Demons” for Chico's birthday yesterday, but I had no idea if he had either book. With that being said, I decided that the best way to find out was to bait him and ask him about his opinion regarding either books. It took me two questions to squeeze it out of him that he had neither book, nor has he read either. The card included in the book of “Angels and Demons” I gave him (DVC is out of stock.) predictably contained the following message...


I know this isn't the most subtle way to get you a gift, but I hope you like it anyway.

Always a fan, always a friend,

The moment I handed the gift to him, he already knew why I was bugging him with those questions the previous day. Still, my present was tremendously upstaged by sir Raffy Reyes': he gave a complete DVD set of the twenty James Bond films prior to “Die Another Day”. That must've cost an arm and a leg, as original DVD's don't go for any less than 600 pesos if they're really classic films or highly in demand. James Bond films fit the former.

I think that Brian was so stymied by it that he proceeded to make the following blooper...

Brian: Good morning. You're listening to Brian, and my name is... huh? RX! What'm I saying?

Yes, RX. What's up with you?

Delamar was laughing her head off over Brian's boo-boo, but she unfortunately has the flu. Hope she gets well soon.

Chico heard about Anne's idea to switch boardwork with one another for April Fool's day, but I shot down the idea myself. Brian further shot it down by saying even the RT and TM switch yielded a lot of trouble, as the TM jocks really screwed around with the RT shows... how tasteless.

The guys who brought out “Itsumo” were in the booth that morning. Not much, really. The girl who sang the chorus was not the least bit Japanese. Aww, shucks...

.:More Embarrassment:.

Dr. Ibana wants to take pictures of his students so that they'd be on the workbook... wow. He even asked me to buy film for the whole deal, then asked me to take pictures of his students during the class. Bah Gawd, that ought to be quite an interesting sight...

Thankfully, I read my newly-purchased copy of “The Da Vinci Code” (Sacha: So you just dropped by the department today just so you could show off your new book to me?) to keep myself from being too... engrossed in Dr. Ibana's mad lecturing skillz... ::rolls eyes::

The description of the whole resume thing for the placement office brought memories to me... Ah, well. I never really exploited that thing...

.:Lovely Date:.

Grace treated me to Chicken Bacolod this evening, and the meal was splendid, although again, the sisig failed to compare to the all-time greats in other places. In any case, I'm glad we spent some time with one another. She sure made my day, and I'm happy that we had some quality time together. She wanted to borrow the “Da Vinci Code”, but Sach already asked to go next. Funny thing is I went there hoping to hear her comment about the book, only to find out that she has yet to read it...
Ah, well.

Had ten wins in Marvel vs. Capcom before finally losing as I was both outclassed in infinite combos, and I was too lazy to step up to the challenge, since I didn't want to start over with the boss again... I was already at his third form when I got challenged... one of the other challengers was a pretty bad sport, complaining about my style. If he doesn't like it, then he should've stopped challenging me. Heh. I was so smug about it already that I was doing the Cena “You Can't See Me” hand sign at him whenever he lost...

Also finished Super Street Fighter II Turbo already, with Guile. I used his original SFII version, as this is the 15th Anniversary Edition we're talking about...

It was a lovely day, Grace. Thank you so much for making it special. :)

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