Saturday, June 19, 2004

A fairly short post (I think.), as I'm too lazy to do a book review of "The Da Vinci Code", which I finished while hanging around Hobby Haven last night...

.:The Lethal Quote:.

Paano naman ako balak patayin ni Robbie? Sa Sarap?

- Anonymous

Gee. I wonder who I always quote with blue font...

.:The Philosophy Cafe:.

Dr. Barbazza was talking about this intriguing place. I should give it a try in the near future. This just might upstage that mind-bender cafe in the Grind that Sach and I once went to. Of course, that's because of my predilection...

.:Rarely Do I Get A Chance To Be Cocky:.

Sach and I were talking about her tickets to MTV Filipinas when we suddenly ran into Neill, one of Sacha's more... enthusiastic CS students. Do note that I was not talking seriously when I was talking to Neill, lest you guys begin to think that I'm really deluding myself about my... intellectual capabilities.

Neill: I think I heard you last Wednesday. You were Kal!

Marcelle: It's Kel. But yeah... you're right.

Neill: You were doing trivia last Wednesday, right? How'd you know so much trivia?

Marcelle: Of course. I'm a genius, too, you know. I did graduate Cum Laude, right?

At this point, Sacha looks at me, and I promptly answer her silent question...

Marcelle: No, Sach. You're not the only person with the right to claim that you're a genius.

She laughed at that point... although it appears that she really couldn't listen to WAVE even on webcast because that requires WINDOWS Media Player, and of course, Ms. Little Linux refuses to sink that low...

.:A Shot In The Arm:.

From Chy:


Im 100% SURE you dont know me but we chatted twice already over YM while your show was on air. I also requested a few songs. Anyway, im adding you to my buddy list, if that's ok with you. :) I also read some of the entries in your blog. Im into blogging myself but tough luck coz xanga's system is updating. Ever had those days that you just have to go online and put your thoughts in a website for everybody to see.. as if youre living
in a fishbowl? Well i have that right now and im about to go psycho coz i cant friggin' post in my blog!!! Pretty pathetic huh? :) But im sure you can relate.

I hope youre enjoying your stint with the show. You will have those $#!77^ days (pardon my french!) but im sure you'll do better as soon as you get your groove. I was the one who told you when we chatted, that Roy's ... oopps... hehehe... i mean RYE's shoes are quite difficult to fill but in no time at all you'll be warming up enough to go beyond what he has done. Dont be too hard on yourself. The jerkwad who was pestering you over chat should know better. Well word of advice, if you get those "annoying little
bastiches" as you call them at the other end of the feedback pane... hit Ignore and it should shut them up. Mean but hey it works! Hahaha. :)

Gosh... sorry im blabbering away. Its almost 2am and here i am giving you unsolicited advice. :) I guess its time for me to hit the sack.

Thats all for now. I hope you do accept my invite to be your friend. Dont worry im half way around the planet. :) Cant possibly terrorize you.

Take care Kel. Knock em dead!!!


Thank you for the kind words, Chy. It made my day. I know I've a long way to go, but I know I'm in good hands right now, working with Anne, aside from having learned from two of the best people outside of WAVE in the radio industry (Chico and Delamar trained me in Radio 1 in RX until before I worked for WAVE.).

I'm still adjusting and all, but I'm more or less getting the hang of the show, and I really am enjoying my job. Thank you very much for the show of good faith.

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