Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I'll leave my side comments for after a chapter of the conversation… I’m Voldemort 02 in the equation, by the way… this is a long chat transcript between me and Sach, divided into Computers and Videoke; Ice Cream Day; and the One-Year Plan®

.:Chat Transcripts: On Computers And Videoke:.

voldemort02: Hello there, Sach.
voldemort02: You there? Busy, I suppose.

Sacha Chua: Mm, what's up?
voldemort02: How was Day After Tomorrow? No spoilers, please.
voldemort02: Peppy and I were thinking of scooting over to your house that night...

Sacha Chua: Nice effects. =)
voldemort02: No Philosophical value? That's what I heard about it.
Sacha Chua: I don't watch stuff like that for philosophy. *winks*
voldemort02: Neither do I, but I was told to. :)
voldemort02: Anyways, Peppy may have been a bit buzzed in case he were to go to your place...
voldemort02: He had a shot of tequila.

Sacha Chua: *laugh*
voldemort02: In any case, the one-year plan has been making the rounds because of Peppy.
voldemort02: Apparently, it's a hot topic on Compsat's ML right now.

Sacha Chua: Aiyah...
voldemort02: Not my fault at this point.
voldemort02: And have you heard about the money shot pose?
voldemort02: It involves eyeglasses, a laptop, and a mouse.

Sacha Chua: I don't know if I want to hear about it... Besides, I'm not a mouse person. *winks*
voldemort02: Eh? Touchpad?
Sacha Chua: keyboard.
voldemort02: Hmm... that's interesting. I'm severely crippled without a touchpad or a mouse...
voldemort02: Well, you need the mouse for the shoot. For very... strategic reasons.
voldemort02: In any case, heard you were in Megamall, Ice skating last Friday...

Sacha Chua: Didn't ice-skate, but did some very out-of-character things... *winks*
voldemort02: Such as... ?
Sacha Chua: We went to the videoke at Glicos. The one in public. Mwahahaha. (I tried convincing them to come home instead, but they wanted the audience...)
Sacha Chua: I picked songs as out-of-character as possible for me. *winks*
Sacha Chua: So, for example, I did Sharon Cuneta's "High School".
Sacha Chua: Got a hundred. *winks*
Sacha Chua: Another notable song: "Genie in a Bottle."
Sacha Chua: 99 on that, I think.
Sacha Chua: Seriously!

voldemort02: Gyeh. Would it be too much for you to bring your Magic Mic for my birthday celebration in September, though?
voldemort02: :)
voldemort02: Interesting ideas, Sach...

Sacha Chua: Sure. *laugh*

Ah, yes. Apparently, I missed an interesting sight there. Next time, I should go with Sach for some public videoke. That ought to be really fun…

.:Chat Transcripts: Aha! Ice Cream!:.

voldemort02: Any plans for next week?
Sacha Chua: GRE tomorrow! Gak!
voldemort02: GRE? I think the E is Exam. What about the G and R.
Sacha Chua: It's one of those graduate-level exams. =)
voldemort02: I might be on air in LS or something like that soon. I don't suppose you listen to that station. Or radio for that matter.
Sacha Chua: Sorry, spend most of my time in front of the computer. =)
Sacha Chua: Don't even watch TV a lot; just during lunch at home.

voldemort02: So you watch the noon programs? :)
Sacha Chua: TechTV.
voldemort02: I suspected as much.
voldemort02: How about the rest of the week? Any plans like an ice cream day?
voldemort02: Heard there's an eat-all-you can ice cream near Rustan's Katipunan.

Sacha Chua: Oooooooh. Really?
voldemort02: Yep. And it's not just Magnolia. 60 bucks a head, so I heard.
Sacha Chua: Ooooooooooh.
voldemort02: I'll ask about it. Maybe the three of us can go for it sometime this week or next?
Sacha Chua: Sure!
voldemort02: I like it when you do that giddy girl bit... it's cute... :D
Sacha Chua: It's ice cream!!
voldemort02: Heh. ::winks::
voldemort02: I'll find out sometime this week. Prolly Monday.
voldemort02: <------- In need of hugs.
voldemort02: Been a rough week...

Sacha Chua: *hugz* Awwwww....
Sacha Chua: Pity about that philosophy thing, really. You'dve been great for it.

voldemort02: There's always next year.

I guess it’s on for Thursday, then… ice cream sounds really good to me, and cyberhugs rule... thanx for that one. :)

.:Chat Transcripts: The One Year Plan:.

Sacha Chua: Incidentally, re: One Year Plan: Might I suggest doing this for Kendra instead? She might actually pull it off with her figure. *winks*
voldemort02: But she doesn't have the backing of the Compsat Hacker's division...
Sacha Chua: I'm with you on the no-multilevel-marketing thing. =)
voldemort02: Why thank you.
voldemort02: Did you see what Jason Dayrit had to say about you?
voldemort02: Posted it on LJ just now.

Sacha Chua: Hmm. Peppy doesn't eat pasta?
Sacha Chua: When did he eat pasta at my place? Was this the bratwurst thingy my sister threw together?

voldemort02: Yes.
voldemort02: He doesn't eat pasta. That includes Yakisoba, which I believe he also ate at your place.

Sacha Chua: Mm. That dish was particularly yummy.
Sacha Chua: But yakisoba is yakisoba!
Sacha Chua: You mean there are people who don't actually belong to the Church of Spicy Chicken?

voldemort02: Gyeh? Church of Spicy Chicken?
Sacha Chua: I'm kidding.
voldemort02: So I take it you saw Jason's comment about you.
voldemort02: And what would you have to say about it?

Sacha Chua: Your speculations about potential shoot poses aren't really among my concerns. *laugh*
voldemort02: Jason did suggest drugging you for the occasion.
Sacha Chua: If a compromising picture is obtained through such means, I _will_ have all of you neutered, tarred, feathered, drawn and quartered. *sweetly*
voldemort02: Not my idea...
voldemort02: But if that's all that'd happen to me for pulling it off...
voldemort02: ... It's worth it.
voldemort02: Very much worth it. ::evil grin::

Sacha Chua: You really don't want to do that. Besides, something like that could derail my life. Do you really want to cause me to waste my potential?
voldemort02: Would I care much after I've been neutered, tarred, feathered, drawn and quartered. *sweetly*?
voldemort02: Just kidding.
voldemort02: If it's not consensual, it's not my thing. :D

Kendra may have the whistlebait figure and the look for it, but we’re trying to prove a point more than just getting someone into the FHM 100 sexiest women in the world, Sach. With that being said, it won’t derail you at all. It’s not like you have to… err… show some cleavage… which I doubt you could, even if you wanted to… (Oh I’m so in for it now…)

Ah, never mind. We’ll see what happens next. :)

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