Monday, June 28, 2004

Win Some, Lose Some


Had some short bonding sessions with Abby and then April (The ADS girl who looks like Peachy Reyes...). Let's take them one at a time, though...

1. Abby and I were catching up with news on one another. It seems that she's a bit busy and all with work (Busy is an understatement.), but she's doing fine, nonetheless. I was just having fun over how she was telling me that I tend to sell myself short a bit from time to time, and it was even more amusing when she found out that my new yardstick for success (As it's no longer her...) is now Sacha.

Abby: You just had to pick a yardstick that you can never surpass, didn't you?

Marcelle: Sacha and I have an understanding... err... concurrence, that we could've excelled in the other's fields had we wanted to. You could tell that was a nice affirmation, coming from her.

I guess what made things more interesting for me was that this was the person who was my yardstick for four years, and now, she's actually there, telling me that I'm doing a good job with how I stand. I'm happy with where I stand with work and all, and I know that things are only going to get better. I appreciate immensely how Abby has done more than her fair share of throwing affirmations my way, telling me that...

Abby: Just because we're not "reciprocal best friends", as you'd put it, doesn't mean that my wanting to talk to you every now and then and swap stories shouldn't count for something, you know.

True, true.

2. April and I met in school by chance, and she and the person she happens to be very... good friends with were both looking around campus for a signal for their wireless LAN to capture so they can go online. While they were doing that, we were just talking here and there about where our lives have been headed so far, more specifically our academic lives. She did tease me about not being at the ToyCon, though (More on that later.). She was laughing about the eight-year deal and all, and well, I was hitting her back jovially on her certain... relationships, including one rumor about her that she never even knew about. I am the self-proclaimed gossip king of the ADS, but don't tell them that. It's better they don't know.

In any case, what was amusing was that we never really missed a beat with one another. It was good to hear from her, and I was glad to see that she was still in her self-imposed uniform, so she didn't really change much. Like most other people I know, she's no longer interested in debating (I'm still asking myself if I'd go for it.). Still, it's all good, I guess. And it was a perfect way to start the week, as she hugged me after the whole bit. Makes the whole "keeping in touch with people who are worth it" certainly all the more "worth it", as I know that in the short time we've known each other, we've pretty much developed a good friendship...

.:The Long And Short Of It:.

Had a short date with Grace yesterday, and though we had some nasty argument (Lots of insensitivity on both our parts.), we still managed to work it out, as we usually do...

.:The Tradeoff:.

Picture courtesy of Mr. Dominique Cimafranca...

Someone tell me again... what the Hades was I doing in Kotei?!?
And oh look... Chii and Chii ver2.0 are in the same picture...

I was in the L5R Kotei yesterday, as I went with Peppy to scour for cards I'd need (Barring Kuro's Fire.) for the Phoenix deck I wanted to build. While I got a few good cards and had some interesting convos going with Arvin and a few OBers who were there (Namely Lews and Liz.), I still wish I had a deck and extra money to join, as the incentives were well worth it. I just needed to place last, and I know I'd get some prizes... a box of commons for the last place person, I believe. Anyways, it was all good, and I got a bunch of cool cards, but lots of people were looking for me over MegaMall for the Toy Con.

MarkPoa was wondering if I would be there. Sacha even called me, and was looking for me, wondering if she could go wherever Peppy and I happened to be (Wow! Isn't that flattering?). When she found out how far we were, as we were in ATC, she begged off instead.

And so I started wondering if I should go there. Seeing how little money I had on me, seeing how Sach wasn't in MegaMall by the time I was about to leave ATC already, and since Grace wanted me to go to Centerpoint to meet her instead of MegaMall, I bowed out of it, which was obviously a silly mistake for me.

Dominique promptly decided to make me drool and sent me the pictures he had taken yesterday, and among the pictures he didn't get to have was one with Jinky Coronado. YES, Jinky. Good Gawd, I'm not a huge comics fan and all, but this is Jinky Coronado we're talking about, and I passed up on the chance to see her!!! Gakk! Couple that with the girl who came as Chii and other certain sights to behold (I mean, I think now, the comics industry is on some sort of upswing all the same, so it's not all about people. And there must've been other toys that would've piqued my curiosity. Not those toys, dammit. Heh.).

Still, Dominique's text message to me, inviting me to ToyCon had to be a killer...

Hey, dude. Toy fair at SM Megamall tomorrow. Seems like your line of thing so I'm letting you know. You'll probably get to see some cute Chinitas. -- Dominique

So what is my "line of thing", Dominique? :) The former, or the latter?

And is that really all you people think I'm about? That I'm nothing but all about Chinitas? I ask you: is it? Is it? Huh?

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