Wednesday, June 23, 2004

.:Hi, Pandesal!:.

So another one of the three Cammy's (Or any spelling variant of such a name.) that I know was on the D and G YM today, and it was really funny, because...

pandesal: Hello, Kel!
driveandgrind: Good morning, Kel!
pandesal: What are you, an echo?

I was a bit distracted... hehe...

.:Isn't This Nice?:.

Yesterday, I was chatting quite a deal with Melai. Today, it happens to be Shai, who really proved to be a nice person to chat with... I'm beginning to get comfy with my job all the more, and I think the fact that the listeners have been very receptive of me, faults and all, has been an overwhelming factor to it.

Anyways, a transcript...

driveandgrind: You already heard about my little critic episode, right?
shaiers29 : yup! ur fan!
driveandgrind: Nga, e. Kung si Rye kaya yun, ano kaya ginawa niya?
shaiers29 : NR? haha!!! medyo NR lagi si rye eh.
driveandgrind: Hindi kaya? Inaaway daw niya off air.
shaiers29 : does he have a new show at wave?
driveandgrind: I think he does.
driveandgrind: I don't know the guy so unlike Anne, wala akong problema sa kanya.
driveandgrind: Kasi, any texter will have his number register in the website, so Rye can text back...
shaiers29 : hahaha!!!
shaiers29 : meaning.. dami ayaw sa kanya

driveandgrind: Ganun?
driveandgrind: Ewan.

shaiers29 : kasi before nakakainis sya marinig
driveandgrind: Heard he sounds better than me.
shaiers29 : better off si anne by herself...
shaiers29 : ...nung sila pa ni rye.

driveandgrind: Okay.
driveandgrind: Glad you added the second sentence.

shaiers29 : hahaha!!!!
shaiers29 : of course!!! ur my favorite!

driveandgrind: I'm flattened.

She's really nice, and that comment practically made my day, truth be told. And then I got one of the best testimonials ever from her moments afterwards (Boy, you can tell she's not really working while she was chatting during the show... heh.)... of the first 2 voices i hear every morning. ...a guy who's sooo down to earth... haaaay! (dreamy na ko kel hehe) ...the guy i've never met but from what i know, he never forgets details! morning companion here in the ofc. person who always challenges (more of obliges) me to think of trivias, translations EARLY in the morning. my goodness! ...a cutie with braces. naks :) ...definitely a dj who helps me start my weekday mornings right! hope to see you soon kel! mwah!

In any case, I'm glad that I'm doing things right thus far and giving our listeners what they asked for: good music and intelligent conversation.

.:Pros And Cons:.

Through all the criticisms I got on radio, I realized that it can be summed up thus far in this list of pros and cons...


+ I know what to say. I'm rarely at a loss for words, as I think on my feet. According to Ma'am George (One of the other WAVE jocks.), she likes how I tend to be witty during the show.
+ If the opportunity presents itself, I don't just read a message from the YM or the textline. Picking up from those who trained me before (i.e. Chico Garcia.), I read with feeling. I noticed that not too many jocks do that.
+ The king of multi-tasking. Those who know exactly what I do when I'm in the booth know what I mean.
+ The PR background helps. I know better than to cross potential loyal listeners and know how to make them feel that I give a damn about what they have to say at this time in the morning. Probably because I really do give a damn.
+ I don't take myself too seriously. I know I'm not God's gift to radio, nor do I believe anyone who'd tell me that I am. That's why the banter between Anne and I tends to be really lively, as I know how to josh around with people for the most part without ticking them off.
+ I never have those "waking up on the wrong side of the bed" days. Never. If I'm in a bad mood, something has to happen during the day first.

However, I'm not without quite a few Waterloos, mostly when it comes to my on-air stuff...


- I sometimes tend to have problems pronouncing words, be it because of braces or whatever other reason. I noticed this particular aversion to the "th" sound, which Chico has been telling me about for the longest time.
- I cannot roll my R's. Period. Nothing sort of surgically enhancing my tongue can remedy that.
- There're times that when I'm off, I'm really off. I sound like I'm speaking in English with a Filipino diction, and you know how bad that sounds on the air.
- Speaking of being off, I tend to really keep on stacking errors when I make one on the air.
- And yeah... I read and speak a bit slowly from time to time. I was never too keen with talking at a rapid pace...

Ah, well...

I'm glad I was given that feedback from sir Eric and ma'am George, though. I at least know what I can work on, and what I can keep up...


Anne and I still haven't dropped the "Ben-Gay" deal, and any day now, Mr. Affleck would just call the station and cry foul... ::chuckles::

Anyways, just a quotable quote from today...

Marcelle: I'd just want to add this to the History book: in 1993, Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband's... gizmo... because her husband raped her. It was surgically reattached to Mr. Bobbitt...

Anne: I wonder if that's still functional?

Marcelle: I wouldn't know. I never tried. For all I know, it could just be attached for no more than aesthetic purposes...

Anne: Okay, I think we should stop discussing this. People are having breakfast.

Marcelle: Enjoy the longganisa, people!

And yeah, it was also nice hearing from Lee, who tuned in here and there to our show all the same. I know our station's a bit far on the dial from a Galaxy Far, Far, Away, but it's all right...

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