Friday, June 25, 2004


... a stalker.

Shai and Melai (Two WAVE listeners who frequently chat with me.) were ribbing me that due to the recent text messages I've been getting from my erstwhile critic, I may very well have set myself up to be stalked... oh, wow.

The latest message, one that I refuse to transcribe, involves her mentioning how much she misses me and morning kisses blown my way...

For one, I've never met this person in my life. For her to miss me while I was on the air is either silly or crazy. I want to believe it's just silly. I really do. I hope to Gawd that Shai and Melai were wrong about it and it's all just a bad set of circumstances for me. Otherwise, boy, did I set myself up for this.

Melai was asserting that she texted me that criticism just so as to bait me if I'd text her back personally. Sounds like a possible approach, assuming that it's happened to her with some other jock before (I heard Rye used to text his critics back, but not in the way I do.)...

Goes to show what a simple "thank you" can lead to...

.:More On-Air Antics:.

Anne: Did you tried the new... I mean, try...

Marcelle: Did you tried? Talk about a wrong mistake. What's up for you?

Anne and I have been running pretty smoothly on the show now, and the training can only help us along. The thing I noticed about the whole setup between me and her was that I was beginning to learn when to pick up her slack (She already knew how to pick up mine from the get-go.), so we had little dead air to speak of because of how snappy our repartee for one another happened to be.

Our topic for today was asking for the "weirdest thing you've ever done to get the attention of your dream girl/guy". Of course, I just had to tell them about the favor Mich did for me by interviewing a girl I wanted to know more about for the Guidon, as well as the Chinese New Year thing I did where I asked Rachel whether or not it's good Feng Shui to make out with someone on Chinese New Year (Of course, it was implied that I was pertaining to her. Heh.)... it's all good, really.

I love the show, really. The way things have been going, I do believe that there's nowhere to go but up for Anne and myself, as I know all too well that I'm pretty much in good hands.

.:Funny Chat Transcripts:.

prittijoyce: d2 kc un trainer namen from US
prittijoyce: bka mahuli ko

driveandgrind: I see. Trainer? What line of work is this again?

prittijoyce: call center po ako
prittijoyce: kaya online ako forever
prittijoyce: hahaha

driveandgrind: Sabi ko na nga ba one of three jobs lang ang may "trainer"...

prittijoyce: and what's the other 2?

driveandgrind: Animal Stunts, and Geisha.
driveandgrind: So malamang, call center ka talaga dun sa tatlo.

prittijoyce: sama mo
prittijoyce: ur bad!!! bad!!! bad!!! bad!!!
prittijoyce: i will spank u!!!

driveandgrind: Hehe.
driveandgrind: Whapish! Whapish!

Enjoy your weekend, jabronis, and hopefully, see most of you at Kotei. :)

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