Friday, June 04, 2004

LJ people are better off there. For obvious reasons from now on...

.:A Priori:.

Before heading off to WAVE for my first day, I ended up passing by the galaxy far, far away. Met Brian there, who was surprised to see me. So he asked me what I was up to, and I told him that I could possibly be hired in WAVE, to which he was mighty pleased about. I'm glad that he's happy about the fact. I told him about how it all happened and the pit stops I made before getting there, and it was really fun talking to him. He was apparently friends with John Hendrix, and I must concur that John is one of the nicest guys I have ever met.

I told him that I didn't inform Delle about my status, though. Admittedly, I was a bit apprehensive that she might not take the whole thing too well, but Brian did remind me:

Brian: Nah, Delle would be really proud of you! It's not like you'd be hating each other just because you're now in competing time slots.

Hmm... and since Delle does happen to move stations with Chico quite often enough, I guess the fact that their wards do similar stuff wouldn't really be such a big deal to them.

I hope that nobody in RX thinks I ever burned bridges with any of them. To put it simply, the personal is separate from the professional. Just because I were to compete with RX if WAVE were to hire me does not mean I have to hate them. I think keeping that simple thing in mind would clarify any potential problems we might encounter from people who listen to either station and stumble upon this blog.

.:The Coolness!:.

Hi, Marcelle! Congrats! Our request for additional T.A. was granted by the VP. Please drop by the Philo dept. for details.

I was just in Hobby Haven, minding my own business and talking more RAW Deal strategy with Francis when I got this message from Dr. Ibana, the department head. Just one day after I got the splendid news that I have a shot at being in WAVE, I get my T.A. job back, and in spades! I run the chance of managing to teach within two years with an M.A. already, or taking my time and simply teaching in two years while still wrapping up my M.A. Dr. Ibana and I managed to work out a two-year plan (How many X-year plans have I come up with just these past two months?) which does look hectic to me, though.

In any case, I'm extremely pleased that my crab diplomacy worked wonders. It does look like things will be going smoothly for me in the near future. If not, at the very least, I got my T.A. job back. I suppose you jabronis do know how much that means to me...

And yes, my enrollment went rather smooth. I like my schedule, though I really need to get a taxi every M-W-F just to get to my Ferriols class. That's not so bad. In fact, I believe it's worth it just to have THE Fr. Ferriols...

.:My First Day:.

As always, let's not count our chickens before our eggs hatch. I have a trial run week next week for WAVE, and if they still want me after that week, then I get hired. Otherwise, I have no idea where that ought to take me next.

In any case, my first day at WAVE was extremely fun. As was expected, there were three of us doing the show: myself, Ann, and Jean from the Hip Circle. I was off to a rocky start with the AOB's, but things started getting smooth soon enough when they started introducing me and talking about their topic for the day: if given the chance, would you lie to your parents about your tuition so you could keep some cash for yourself? Before the show started, we really had no idea what on air name to use for me. Marc is way too common. Marcelle is too familiar in RX. I was choosing between Kurt Benoit, Rocky, and Fabs. Before they introduced me, I opted for the last one, as it's a nice play on my family name.

I was given a very high-profile introduction into the show, especially since Ann really believed I sort of sounded like Joe D' Mango, which I cannot confirm nor deny as I really don't know. I was actually surprised that she liked my voice (She said so even when I auditioned last Tuesday.), as that wasn't really the case in the galaxy far, far away. Still, it was all good, and I realized that whoever I was set to “replace” if I were to get the job, really left some big shoes for me to fill. I can promise only my best effort... no more than that.

I had a lot of text messages from relatives and friends, although Raymond was asking me if I had anything to contribute to the Hot 10. Lots of fun stuff were going on in the booth, as I was still adjusting to being called “Fabs”, simply because while I used to answer to that name because in Don Bosco we tend to call people by their surnames, I never really referred to myself as Fabs even before... I was more than just a little appreciative of all the kind words from the listeners and my friends alike. I'm just glad I didn't bungle big time that time and say something like “Monster Radio RX 93.1” after a song or something like that.

Grace was recording most of it, and Ann and Jean were teasing me about Grace for the most part, as she was participating quite actively in the WAVE chatroom. Word for the day was “familiar” because of this...

Ann: And that was “Every Time I Close My Eyes”, by Babyface.

Jean: That song goes out to Grace.

Ann: Who's Grace, Fabs? Someone special?

Marcelle: Someone familiar. Where have I seen that name before?

In a further dialogue, the word “familiar” turned up again. In any case, it was all good, really. It was protocol in RX to not talk about bf's or gf's, and while that's not the case in WAVE, I guess it'd best serve me to follow the RX protocol, anyways.

Still, I'm glad Grace not only understands the reason why I'm that way, but even encourages me to not be so open about my lovelife. Ergo, I need to start a new weblog if ever I'd want to cater to the WAVE listeners. Yeah, I guess that's the best thing to do. This weblog contains way too many things for comfort. Rest assured that I'd be keeping this particular weblog around (More so this LJ.), although the former, I'd have to tone down just a little bit for the sake of my future students in Philosophy... less vituperations, I guess.

The show ended on a pretty good note, and I'm exceedingly happy about how well it turned out for me. People were really all abuzz about “the new guy”, as I guess what Ann did right today was to really shill me. I guess that helped immensely in somewhat getting me over with the listeners. I do of course know how not “getting over” with the listeners happens to work...

But please, if you're one of my friends right now, call me Fabs, and I'll tweak your nose. :) Just kidding.

.:After The Show:.

I stuck around after the show to meet up with Joe D' Mango as I obviously had to speak to him about how things will go for me in the coming week. So yes, I have one foot in the door, so to speak, and he's giving me a trial week to see if he'd hire me. Funny thing is, it's my first day there and already, they asked me to record a voice over for them for Juicy Fruit Gum. It was fun. I had to do different pitches for the different plugs. There were tons of them, in fact. I wonder if they'd pull out my bit in the streaming plug in the galaxy far, far away? The one about my cousin Alan in Sydney Australia who listens everyday?

I did pass by Boom and Chinggay after the show for a short while, just to see what they were up to. Not much, really. I just don't know what would happen if I ran into Louie D, though. That guy is scary, no question about it. Then again, I don't think I wronged him to begin with...

Sorry about that one again. I guess Louie D can inspire quite a bit of paranoia....

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