Thursday, June 03, 2004

.:A Spray Of Arrogance:.

A text message from Sacha:

wOOt! I got perfect on my GRE! I’m a genius! (bounce bounce bounce) Wahoo! (Verbal and math scores: 800. Writing to follow, but I expect high scores.)

Sach, hindi ka rin mayabang, ano? :) I swear, this comment from you is so… funny. And yes… what was bouncing back there?

.:Persistence Is The Key:.

For the most part, I was just hanging around the store yesterday after attending to some… business. I met up with Francis, who wanted to see the Stacy Keibler deck, which I stayed up all night the previous night just to build. It actually works smoothly enough, relying on trapping his opponent in Hell In The Cell just to prevent them from making use of their usual tricks. Francis was exceedingly enthusiastic about learning the game, as he only won one game amid all the matches we played. His problem wasn’t really strategy by the end of it, which was more or less perfectly fine already. His main issue was already the lack of cards, particularly “Diversion”, which he only had one copy of.

Still, I like the enthusiasm. It really seems I have a new tournament-worthy player on my hands, as he picked one of the best decks to work with, once he gets the cards he needs. I can lend him some stuff, but he obviously needs to find certain other cards that even I don’t have, such as Stacy’s Ultra Rare Foils, the other Enforcer cards she could use, and more copies of Diversion.

He borrowed the deck to analyze it better, though. I even threw in a Women’s Title in that deck to give Stacy a boost in the card advantage department… and I’m pretty happy over how he manages to learn the utility of certain cards before I even teach him. He was actually controlling my hand at one point in the game with Test as Stacy’s Enforcer…

.:Store Shenanigans Again:.

I’ll just copy-paste this from Jason’s LJ:

it was fun at the shop earlier. highlight of the day? a joke, by none other than dr. denver ong ty, resident doctor and all-around corny joke specialist:

in the future, there was gonna be a 2 year mission to mars. astronauts were gonna have to live there to see if it is really a suitable environment for us.

so anyway, an american, a japanese and a pinoy volunteer.

(you know it's gonna be one of those jokes again)

as a morale booster, their respective governments agreed to give them anything they want.

the american wants hamburgers. fine, government gives him 3 truckloads of burgers.

the japanese wants sashimi. great, government sends him 3 trucks of raw fish.

the pinoy wanted cigs. wow! cost-cutting! government was more than happy to send him 3 trucks of marlboro menthol lights.

so off the 3 went...

2 years later, they come back successfully! everyone's happy when they land and stuff.

the american comes out totally bulked up and fat. all those hamburgers did it.

the japanese, from a samurai, turned into a sumo wrestler. you know why.

the pinoy comes out thin as hell and still holding a stick in his hand!

the crowd's in silent awe. then the pinoy, with a weak and shaky voice says...

"lighter...lighter naman please!"

First time I meet the guy, and he leaves an indelible impression on me… still, it was all good.

This quotable quote, as reminded to me by Jess, is even worse:

Henry: Marcelle, kayo ba ni Peppy yung may planong…

Marcelle: Anong kami ni Peppy?

I swear, that one just sounded so effing wrong when he posed the question to me. It was amusing as well when we had dinner at KFC, as DJ Chuanteck and “Chicks ni Lolo” were really having fun there. Chicco showed up in a while, and as Denver was piling on the corny jokes (Even baiting Jason to shout “Max’s Fried Chicken” out loud inside KFC.), Jason looks at Chicco and goes:

Jason: Kaibigan mo ‘to, Chicco…

Chicco: Bakit? Ano’ng problema mo sa kanya, ha?

After more good-natured fuming from Jason, Chicco turns to Mikko and comments:

Chicco: Kaibigan mo ‘to, Mikko.

Mikko: Bakit? Ano’ng problema mo sa kanya, ha?

Jason was really on a roll last night with the Care Bears keychain, the FAP crud, and other rants. He might put off the ranting though until he hits his target weight, as he’s been losing weight over all the stress from his job.

Speaking of jobs, when will I find mine? Dammit…

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