Friday, June 18, 2004

.:Two New Winners:.

We had to give out MTV Pilipinas tickets again, and this week's winners...

Peppy Salita and Sacha Chua.

And no, Jess, I don't notice any pattern going on around here... whatever are you talking about? ::whistles innocently::


I'm really enjoying chatting with some of the more regular people I run into online, such as melai and shai, who really make my day whenever I get to hear from them and vice versa. Today's Drive and Grind show went a lot smoother than yesterday (Which was unfortunately the one that Brian Gomez and Dr. Barbazza listened to.). We had a lot of fun, and the music today was great...

Otherwise, nothing really stood out with today's show. It was smoother than usual, so I didn't have any glaring bloopers to talk about... I should take that as a good thing, though.


Mich interviewed me today about Friendster and stuff like that, and I must say that it was less of an interview for me but more of a refreshing opportunity to get to hear from her again. I'm glad that she seems to be doing well, really, and I am certainly convinced that she'll be doing really well in the near future, as she has a good head on her shoulders. I'm fairly pleased to hear that Don got into Ateneo Rockwell already, though...


"Ang makatang babae na ito ay mula sa isla ng Lesbos. Dahil sa mga tula niya ng pag-ibig sa kapwa babae, siya ay pinaghinalaang isang lesbiyana. Diyan galing ang salita: Lesbos. Subalit hindi ko tiyak kung ano ang katotohanan sa kanyang buhay sekswal. Wala akong pakialam sa kanyang buhay sekswal."

"Ikaw? Nakikita mo ba ang bituwing iyon? Oo, ikaw. Huwag kang lumingon-lingon. Wala na talagang pinagbago ang mga estudyante. Kapag hindi alam ang sagot, lilingun-lingon na tila hindi sila ang tinatanong..."

Ironically, that second line was said to me. I really didn't think he was addressing me, as he wasn't looking in my direction...

Fr. Ferriols... I really ought to sit in on his class all the same... even if I were to load rev out of it...

.:News Comedy:.

Aaron Carter is dating Brooke Bollea, and Brooke's father, Terry Bollea, chaperones their dates.

No idea why this is funny? Maybe you don't know Terry Bollea's more popular name: HULK HOGAN.

I wonder how Brooke looks like, though? Heard she's pretty but somewhat resembles her dad... now that's scary... she might start "Hulkin' Up" if you cross her, and imagine what her dad would do to you if you mess around with her...

Hogan was quoted as telling this to Aaron Carter:

I know this isn't your first BBQ, But you better act like you don't know how to cook, or it's going to be curtains for your skinny little @$$.

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