Sunday, June 06, 2004

.:A New Weblog:.

I'm in the process of starting a new weblog here. Why? I think planning ahead is a good idea, as I would really want to make sure that this new weblog is less... incriminating for me when the general public actively searches for it. I wouldn't need to explain much my history lessons (Especially being a radio ronin for a short while.), or my third person, or my associations with people, either. It really keeps me from getting into sticky affairs, so to speak.

If you know where my old weblog is, or better yet, my LJ, stay there. I highly discourage my old readers from going to the new weblog as it is going to be an extremely sanitized version of the current ones I have. We all know why I have to do that, after all.

.:According To FHM... :.

... They are looking for the “FHM Girl Next Door”. This is a search for the hottest girl next door, and all one needs to do is to send in the pictures of a girl in sexy attire, her contact information, and her personal details. Of course, this is all assuming the consent of the said girl. FHM then picks 50 girls who will be trimmed down to ten via votation. That's when things get interesting....

Would the main event lady of our beloved One-Year Plan® accede to this diabolic idea of sending her pictures into this contest? Much as it's a good idea, the term “sexy attire” might turn her off. Then again, she can wear a lot of different things and make it appear “sexy” just by carrying it right. School uniforms would be a good example of this possibility...

In any case, this excerpt from Eric Ramos' editorial section is a bit funny....

We've always hyped the 100 Sexiest Women I the World as FHM-style democracy in action. After all, it's you the general public, who decides, not the handful of editors. But you could also say that it's an ingenious marketed popularity poll for female celebrities. Sure, in theory, you cold vote all you want or that gorgeous neighbor of yours, whom you think is positively hotter than most FHM cover babes. But you do realize your valiant efforts would all be for naught because many thousands of other voters don't even know she exists....

If that be the case, then I do believe that a few hundred thousand votes would change things up in our favor...

And Sach, this is what I have to say to you over what ought to happen in the next eight years:

Meep! Puh-lease?


The way the entertainment industry has been exploiting the midget we know as Mahal is beyond abhorrent. Do we really need to know that this 29-year old girl is sexually active? Do we need to do a live pregnancy test just to underscore how often she goes for it?

Similarly, I was appalled over the recent Makeover Mission featured in Sis, where they tried to give a makeover for this hip-hop kid and try to make him look more fashionable...

Fashionable in whose eyes? Ricky Reyes'? Gelli de Belen's? Janice de Belen's? As far as I'm concerned, I was incensed not because of the fact that they're giving someone a makeover, but because they were doing so because they didn't like how the kid looked like. The mom was trying to get her son to “change his image” because it's no good for him. Who's to say that? Is there any reason for anyone to believe that his being hip-hop is bad? If it's his form of self-expression, why stifle him?

You could tell that the kid was just playing along with the whole makeover thing because he really couldn't smile genuinely when the makeover was already done. The way I see it, he didn't really want to change his fashion sense and only played along with the whole thing for a moment because he didn't see any reason to embarrass himself on television by fighting back, when the audience was already conditioned to believe that the hip-hop look is horrid and creates gangsta wars.

Score one more for Filipino ingenuity. That ranks up there with our false Filipino nationalistic pride in just any single Filipino or Filipina who makes a remote impact somewhere in the world. Just because Jasmine Trias is half-Filipina does not mean that she was ever in the Philippines. The only reason she's dropping by our good old country is less likely because of a sudden surge of Filipino patriotism and more of a marketing ploy to get us to buy her upcoming album that I'm sure some crack recording company with a market in Asia is already cooking up.

The finger of shame points at the Mission Makeover portion of Sis right now. You convey the wrong message to people that any form of self-expression is invalidated by authority, no matter how harmless or benign it actually is. If his form of self-expression were being a Neo-Nazi, of course that'd be cause for alarm. But hip-hop? Half those rappers prolly don't even have a criminal record, and if they do, their followers don't seem to be following suit as much as we hyped that it would.

.:A Gentle Reminder:.

Just to let you people know that I'll be on air again tomorrow at WAVE 89.1. 6-9 in the morning, as will be the surefire case for up until Friday before I get evaluated as to whether or not I have a job with them.

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