Wednesday, June 23, 2004

.:Where Are The Ducks?!?:.

I assume we all know what this little line I picked for the title of this heading happens to be about... I just thought it's a nice lead-in to how my Heidegger class went last night, as Joy Guererro asked Dr. Barbazza about what seemed to be an assertion on Heidegger's part that animals were not Da-Sein, that is, genuine "beings", as they were likewise in-der-Welt, in-the-world. Dr. Barbazza said that while Heidegger eventually relaxed on his stance on this, he still set human beings aside from animals as he believes animals to be "world poor", since they have no sense of history, ancestry, or any tangible and permanent means of exchanging ideas, and so forth (Though I believe these lines slowly blur as time progresses, and "I, Robot" ought to be an interesting angle in this...).

Still, that reminds me of the poor self-conscious dalmatian...

Why, this is not the way I, a Dalmatian, should be treated! My ancestors used to be running around free in the farm, chasing ducks. *Raises arms in the air* where are the ducks?!?

During the breaktime, Sach and I had a short conversation, and we arrived at the conclusion that either of us could excel in the other's field, but we just don't bother. (R-ight.) Still, she wants to drop by Don Bosco Mandaluyong one of these days to recruit some students to hopefully go to Ateneo for the CS program in college... hmm... I wonder if she can seduce guys in DBTC the way she does in ADMU... and yes, she already knows about the "Bragging Rights" theory, and we still have no idea about the guy who wants to "rip her blouse off" , as his opus is apparently on LJ... not easy to find...

.:Load Revved:.

So I'm now in Mr. Mariano's and Dr. Rodriguez's class now, as I had no choice but to load rev out of Fr. Ferriols' memorable class, since the time conflict was too much of an expensive hurdle for me. Still, when I went there, I immediately saw a disparity of opinion as Mr. Mariano believes in allowing other thinkers to paraphrase fellow thinkers while Fr. Ferriols wishes to stick solely to the legacy of the thinker and not what others have to say about him. Henece, Fr. Ferriols disregards the notion that Thales believes all came from water while Mr. Mariano believes that it is a logical implication from his apparent works (Of which none are physically available.)...

The clash is nice, as Fr. Ferriols spent most ouf our period last Monday lecturing us about that mistake... ah, well.

I hope I can still sit in on Fr. Ferriols from time to time, though. He's really a fun person to listen to, althoug I know I'd be called an infidel for this, but unless he teaches in a radically different manner in 101 and 102, I find him... never mind. I don't want to get into trouble.

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