Thursday, June 03, 2004

.:The Ice Cream Day Of PAIN:.

So I initiated an ice cream day for myself, Peppy, and Sacha at Bon Appetit in Rustan’s Katipunan. The nice thing about it is that it’s eat-all-you-can, and Sach was gurgling happily when she arrived there shortly after I did over the prospect of having ice cream until she’s sick of it. Nonetheless, it was all fine, and it didn’t take too long before Peppy showed up as well. I think Sach is really cute when she acts like a kid let loose in a candy store over ice cream. She just looks at you, then smiles, and quips “Ice cream”, and the twinkle in her eyes says it all.

So there we were, talking about the one-year plan®, stuff like poses and possible ways to convince Sach to doff some clothes for the shoot (Haha! As if…), although as Jason and I agreed upon, Jess is actually sexier… and I’m saying this though she’s not named Grace or Chinese. I even covered her eyes to prove the point. And yes, she made me do a raincheck on my willpower again…

Oh, my. Sidetracked there, but indulge me once more…

One Fun Shots in sour cream flavor, please.

Sir, wala po kaming sour cream flavor.

What’s funny about this? Pumiyok yung babae na nagsabi sa aking wala ng sour cream… I’m mean. I’m sorry.

Back on topic… so Sach now knows about the laptop pose and the glasses shot. Still, we were having an ice cream showdown (Which I won. Seven servings.), although I was particularly unglamorous for a while there after I ate Ube ice cream… Peppy and I were just chatting along about different stuff, and I was teasing Sach that her exasperating CS students, such as Louis, couldn’t pull off his tricks on me the way they could with her, because I’ll be teaching them Philosophy and not CS (Hopefully.). I’m actually considering working as a T.A. for free now, just to hasten the process.

.:I Have Sunk To A New Low:.

With that being said, things started cooking when Peppy decided to go to the washroom for a while, which left me open to ask Sacha about something. She then started to torment me about it, as I was thinking to myself, “Why does everyone else get lucky?”, and I out and out asked her a long-term proposition, akin to our bet that stands for the next seven plus years. She then used this newfound leverage to her advantage and then proceeded to continue tormenting me, as I started looking all the more aghast with each moment. The dialogue got incredibly hilarious at that point, and Peppy was just laughing along with us (Until Sach asked him to make out with me just for the Hades of it. Naturally, Peppy declines.).

Sacha: You didn’t… pick me as a friend just because I was Chinese, didn’t you?

Marcelle: Of course not.

Peppy: But did it help?

Marcelle: Yes.

It was a sheer experimental long-term thing that I asked her about. For the sake of knowing what it is like… but still, she chose to continue making me feel so… distraught, until we got to the point where, in all frustration, I went (Good-naturedly, mind you.)…

Marcelle: Eff you, Sach.

Peppy: You wish.

This didn’t cease even after the ice cream. We were at the LRT, and she kept on teasing me and hoping that I’d keep this pattern up for as long as possible. She kept on telling me to pop her the question again next year, and then maybe she’d think about it again some more, and so forth. She then decided to see the justifications to it…

Sacha: Isn’t this something that you just have to do?

Marcelle: Of course.

Sacha: A check on your “to do” list?

Marcelle: Err… yes.

Sacha (Paraphrased): So Sacha Chua is on your “to do” list, then.

Well, Sach, if you put it that way… :)

Sacha: But why?

Marcelle: Why not?

Sacha: This is why I’m in Computer Science and not Philosophy…

When she got to her stop, she was actually nice enough to give me a hug. That really made my day, and set the whole day up to be extremely good…

.:The Open Secret No Longer:.

Truth be told, I didn’t want to say anything about WAVE 89.1 before anything was definite lest I jinxed it. So I was more than a bit glad when I finally got an SMS from Ann (My soon-to-be partner.) while I was at Grace’s house that I can join the show on Friday. Of course, since her show is at 6-9 in the morning, that means I can’t listen to Chico and Delle much (If at all.), but I’m glad enough that Chico gave me his blessings… sort of.

Am I being an ingrate for leaving RX just like that, and even going on air at DWLS three days ago? I don’t think so. I’ve been loyal to RX for years, and just because I’m working elsewhere is no indication that I never was. If RX hired me, you think I’d so much as consider any other station to work for? Of course not. However, since, they had no openings and one of the higher-ups did suggest I look into working for other stations, I don’t think I burned any bridges with anyone at all.

Couple that with the fact that this is a sort of trial run for me as a DJ. For all I know, I could be pulled out of the show one week after I get started on it. Harsh, I know, but all the while very possible to happen. Unless I sign a contract that guarantees me work for this or that amount of time for this or that amount of money, I cannot write anything on stone just yet.

But I got the job already, and I’m extremely happy about it. I know it’d be a beeyatch when Louie D finds out, or when Delamar gets wind of it, but I’ll take the heat, simply because I don’t think I never stepped on anyone’s toes in getting this job. I just hope people will clue me in on what’s happening with one of my favorite radio shows in the world ever, the Morning Rush with Chico and Delle. I highly doubt that listening to them in my Walkman would be possible, and even if it were, listening intently enough would still be a problem…

I’m happy. Really happy. My gratitude goes to Chico and Delle for having inspired and subsequently trained me for all of this… I know I owe them big time for this, and I hope to Gawd nobody assumes that just because we work the same slot, we're automatically enemies, because that cannot be any further from the truth. I'd always regard Chico and Delle as my friends and mentors. No question about it.

Wish me luck, jabronis!

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