Tuesday, July 20, 2004

.:I’ve Said It Once, And I’ll Say It Again…:.

… few things make me sadder than seeing someone I really care about cry. That’s all I can say about it.


Isn’t that cute…

So Sach and I watched “I, Robot” last night, as Grace was studying for a bunch of tests (Must make sure to take her to a movie soon…). On the way to Galleria, there were three of us: Eric, Sach, and myself. We were having interesting conversations, and Sach was wondering how romantic it could’ve been if it were Eric and me watching the film instead. Makes sense to me… ah, well. Still, some internal conflicts kept the whole trip from being as smooth as we would have wanted it to be… can’t be remedied, unfortunately.

Anyways, before heading out to Galleria, Sach and I had some fun going for Dance Maniax. We had two games each, and I must say that she’s really finding her niche in Double Mode, although I just don’t like some of them since they don’t have the steps for me to show off with. Heh. We then went to Flame Burgers near the grocery after a while to have a burger “dinner”.

When we got to Galleria, I found the two of us seats since I got in ahead of everyone else as Jean (Who happened to know Sacha, strangely enough.) and I were hosting the event. The hosting bit was pretty fun, really. I was telling Sach to finally seal a certain “deal” with me that night, and there she was trying to make me squirm and all again. We were then looking at the games during the premiere, and I joked that she might have to join the Pharmaton contest, if needed be. I then egged her on some more over the deal, and then…

Sacha: I guess I can give it a try, then.

My face broke into a smile.

Marcelle: Great!

Sacha: I meant the Pharmaton thing, of course.

My face fell flat. It was soooo bad that my eyes were getting watery in frustration and laughing at the same time over being hoodwinked like that. I set myself up for that. Still, it was all good. Jean and I didn’t have to get her there in the end, as we managed to get the requisite contestants with my “teacher” banter and we even managed to make the crowd applaud for the old man who joined the Pharmaton contest…

Sach was all giddy over the cat in the film, though… not spoiling much else for now. We were really having fun looking at each other throughout the film. But that’s all there was to it. Looking.

After the film, I guiltily let Dominique take Sacha home. Here I am, inviting her, and not even providing a way for her to get home. Ah, well. There’re just some things I can’t do for even her… heh.

.:It’s A Start:.

It was my first day on G-Max today, but George wasn’t there. Instead, it was me and Jda, who really managed to get some measure of chemistry with me on the first try. It was nice, really. We managed to really complement each other’s styles, and the banter was pretty interesting. A while later, Robbie the Rascal showed up, and he then started talking to me as well. When the conversation turned to a co-dj’s in-house activities, however…

Marcelle: Too much information.

Robbie: So the only thing virgin about you are your ears?

Jda: We don’t even know that.

Anyways, it was all good. The boardwork was fairly smooth, and hopefully it’d be that way when it’s me and George already. I’m sure some of the listeners were weirded out hearing the both of us there at the same time… it was all good, though. We had a lot of fun talking off the air and all, and I especially enjoyed talking to the chatters that morning. Their support for me despite being transferred like that was nothing short of overwhelming…

I made Randy Mesa, the editor of Seeker, win our promo… heh. And then, I bought a big bag of nacho chips, some cheese and salsa, then took it to Ateneo. Well, what was left of it, at least… Eric, Sach, and a few other CS people dug in… heh.

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