Thursday, July 15, 2004

Here We Go...


From Evita, one of the relatively new people I've been chatting with during the show...

kel…one of the most interesting guys i’ve met in a while…an articulate and funny dj (wave 89.1 must feel so lucky to have such a dependable and well-liked staff in him). prolific and deep writer (be prepared to allot a day
reading his musings on blogspot cuz you won’t be able to resist perusing his entries, go kel bell!). very charming and down-to-earth. no pretensions whatsoever which makes him all the more fascinating (his being transparent is so refreshingly
adorable, it’ll do people more good to acquire the same attitude). passionate
about the things he loves the most (such as his friends, his work, his writing, and his beliefs). ambitious (palanca-bound!) and intelligent (why is he studying philosophy you ask? he’ll tell you this: “i love to learn more…to gain better insight of what it means to be human, to revel in one’s highs and lows and plateaus”). intriguing right? hope to see you soon kel! thanks for the usual morning
chat...take care!=)

What I really noticed is that the parenthetical remarks really gave even more punch than the non-parenthetical comments. I like it! I like it! :D

In any case, what I like about the testimonials I've been getting as of late was the fact that they've been giving me insights about my personality that I never even saw. With people who tell me how much of an "open book" I am, I realize that in spite of my being quite a loner and a recluse from time to time, I still manage to show that I'm far from being... anti-social. I'm just surprised how spot-on people who've never met me in person can sometimes be about their testimonials, although the funny thing is, in spite of the nature of my being a DJ, since they know me more through my chatting than through my being on air, they tend to know my "serious" side better than my not-so-serious side... but that's all good. Inasmuch as they can't capture my entirety, neither can I capture mine, anyway.

Thanx, Elvira! This really made my day.

.:Prepare For Annoyment:.

Sable for RAW Deal. Complete deck. Rock enforcer. Near-infinite recursion. Tournament this Saturday. I'm using that deck, regardless if I'm not allowed to win. 'Nuf said.

.:Dinner Again:.

That makes twice this week...

In any case, I'll be having dinner with Sacha again, tonight. Hopefully this time, it won't be just the two of us, lest I give people the wrong ideas. Oh, well. Lasagna's good...

.:Conquer Seeker:.

That's the best thing to do, really. I plan to meet them tomorrow, and hopefully write for them. Freelance, of course. Glenn wants to write about Spycraft, I want to write about RAW Deal. Perfect.


I finally have a Magic deck again. I will conquer all! Bwahahaha!

Err... maybe not. Not without shelling out a bit more money, at least. The black deck is fine, but it has a lot of kinks in it... not enough Null Brooch, no Sol Ring, FOUR Dark Rituals (It's now restricted. Whassupwidat?)...


I left my diskette, so I'm writing a short story write now. Still, what would you guys prefer as a poem? Something comedic or something sappy? I'll dig it up from my archives elsewhere... tell me what you think. :D

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