Thursday, July 15, 2004

Two Attempts At Poetry...

I'll just do two short stories tomorrow, I guess. I had some unforeseen happenings that prevent me from writing a short story today. Actually, more like... I left my diskette that contained the story already...

.:A Return To Grace:.
A Sonnet by Marcelle T. Fabie

A return to Grace; a joy unknown
God’s greater glory in its Fullness of Fullness shown
Lost, now found; dead, now risen
The final triumph over the infernal denizen
From the fall to victory at last,
Ride into the sun with glimmering wings at dawn
Strength from Within; hold on fast
Know that you are indeed Destiny’s son

For none else can there be save the Magis of being
Dear old Loves; return to the fold
‘Fore Chronos strikes and sees me old
Where would one want, with wisdom unweaving?
Or ancient Bliss beyond feeling sight?
A return to grace; a return to Blight

A Quatraine by Marcelle T. Fabie

You're not ugly, believe what I say
(Other planets find you great anyway)
I'm trying to make gold out of dirt
It's a compliment but it just might hurt

You definitely are making a statement
Green hair, with matching ornament
(But whatever the statement you're making
It sound a lot like you're cussing)

You, on the other hand, you're pretty
(Pretty awful, if you ask me honestly)
Don't worry; I had a friend who had worse
(Actually, I'm talking about his racing horse)

Don't say that; you're not one bit fat
(Oof! Do you mind getting off of my lap?)
You're not dumb, you have a brain
(But you don't use it; isn't that insane?)

I meant well when I called you ugly and rude
(Those are the only good qualities you exude)
He's not horny, he's just dysfunctionally erect
(But that's just being politically correct)

People say only what others want to hear
Funny how those statements now seem clear
And that is what euphemisms are about
End of the lesson, over and out

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