Friday, July 02, 2004


.:A Short Quip On Dating:.

I was just asking myself, of course… when is a date a genuine date, and when is it just a meeting of two people? You tell me. Heh.

.:More Teriyaki Girl:.

So is on the D and G YM account now. Heh. That’s nice. At least she can bug me if her bosses aren’t around and she doesn’t feel particularly productive…

.:Oh, This Is Funny:.

ptjesse: Hey, Kel! Is it true that you and Anne are together?

Don’t they ask this of any male and duo radio tandem? I just noticed. Heh. Anyways, for the record, Anne and I aren’t together anywhere else except in the show. She’s been very open about having a boyfriend, which should already tell everyone something, for one. Oh, well.

Next thing you know, people will be asking me if I’m gay if I tell them I’m not with Anne… I swear… what a pattern.

He was also wondering if DJ’s don’t speak in the vernacular off the air. I guess I dashed his assumptions that I myself was konyo when I replied to him in the vernacular to deny the fact. Heh.

.:On-Air Hijinks:.

Marcelle: Remember the Spice Girls?

Anne: Of course. Don’t tell me you were a fan.

Marcelle: Uhh… no. But I had their second album.

Anne: And you sang their songs?

Marcelle: Err… I memorized the lyrics of some of their songs…

The chatters were ribbing me when I got back to them… something about me being a really brave man for admitting that I used to sing Spice Girls songs… ah, well. They found it cute, so they said. Heh…

.:Err… Yeah:.

driveandgrind: I have a cubicle now! Yay!

ninjapeps: That’s nice. Now you have space for your special orals.

driveandgrind: Uhh… no. I share that cubicle with someone else… and he’s gay.

ninjapeps: Oh, well.

driveandgrind: Don’t start.

.:More Spider-Man Commentary:.

Review will be next week. I need to watch it one more time… still… SPOILER ALERT!!!

Sacha: See, Marcelle? Look at Doc Ock and his poet wife. That proves that Humanities and Science don’t mix!

Marcelle: Yes, but Doc Ock didn’t die, did he? The female did.


So Sach was insinuating that the two of us didn’t stand a chance? Heh. Not to my detriment, really. But then, talk about an insinuation…


So I was walking with Dr. Ibana, Mr. Callassanz, and Camilo to class yesterday…

Mr. Callassanz: O ano. Magulo ba iyan si Marcelle sa iyo?

Dr. Ibana: Hindi naman . Dami nga nagkakacrush sa kanya, eh.

Mr. Callassanz: Ows?

Dr. Ibana: Ano kaya mangyari kung sabihin ko sa klase na may girlfriend ka sa St. Luke’s? Ma-disappoint kaya yung mga estudyante?

Marcelle: Sir, huwag niyo na lang po gawin yun.

Dr. Ibana: Aba, may balak mamingwit!

Oh, well… heh.

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