Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Some People Want It All...

.:Room For Improvement:.

I sure need a lot of work with my on-air stuff. Not only am I slow in contrast to Anne, I tend to pause for far too long when I'm lost. I guess alertness and focus should be the order of the day for me...

I have six months to prove myself, I guess. That's for how long these letters of appointments usually go, and at least I know I'll be getting paid for my work soon enough. That's always good to know.


So I'm taking over for Mr. Bulaong's Philo 104 classes today because he's out with a fever. Hope he gets well soon, but I sure owe him one for this exchange of text messages...

Mr. Bulaong: Did you see the stuff on your desk in the dept?

Marcelle: I got it. :) I'm poring over the notes right now, although I dont think I'd change the lecture much.

Mr. Bulaong: Okay. I'm just resting at home. The cough has worsened to fever. Enjoy later, k?

Marcelle: A certain friend of mine from the Computer Science department wants to observe me... ;) I'll do my best.

Mr. Bulaong: Ha ha ha! This friend of yours might want company in Japan. You might not know, it can get cold there. Hehe. Joke lang. :)

Yes, as you can guess, Sach will be sitting in on my class, and then we'll meet later on in the night for dinner. Oh, well.

Mr. Bulaong was suggesting I look into Japan foreign studies if I'm so inclined, though I think I'll pass. Not only will she be there only up until February, I really don't feel like going abroad at this point in my life. Not when I have a lot more to do in this country, especially with my broadcasting career...

Still, he did me a favor in asking me to sub for him. He could've gotten a REAL teacher to take his place for today, but he instead turned to me, which is a real show of good faith...

.:Thank You:.

Jess, you have no idea how much you've helped me. Thank you. 'Nuf said.

.:Cutting A Promo After All These Months:.

I usually do these wrestling "reports" whenever I feel like telling a story I couldn't tell otherwise. I hope you guys can get the gist of it, because you really won't be getting anything not cryptic from this one... ah, well.

Jim Ross: Hey, Jerry. Look at this taped interview with Booker. I think we have to do something about him. He's not all right.

Jerry Lawler: Huh? Why? Did he break kayfabe or something?

Jim Ross: I think he's taking the interview too personally. Let's roll the footage.

The attention of the two announers cuts to the Titantron, where file footage rolls. This was a sit-down interview backstage, conducted by Mark Lloyd, who went and talked to Booker T, who was a babyface at the time. Ever since moving to Smackdown, he turned heel, and this may give some insight on that sudden turn and all...

Mark: Hi, there, Booker! How's it going with you?

Booker T: How's it going, sucka? Well, me and RVD are going to be defending the Tag titles tonight against Evolution in this RAW and Smackdown lottery show. I'm pretty pumped up about it.

Mark: That's good to hear, Booker. But I wanted to turn your attention to one of your other friends, The Rock.

Booker T: Yeah? What about the Rock, sucka?

Mark: Some say that you've been trying to emulate the man for the longest time, and now there he is, his names in lights all over Hollywood, yet here you are, still sticking it out with the WWE, in spite of the fact that you're one of the most charismatic people in the business today, what with "the move everybody pays to see", the Spinaroonie.

Booker T: You know what, Mark? The Rock's always been a friend of mine. Yeah, I'd concede he's done more than I've ever done in my career, and I can't take that against him.

Mark: But you're a f...

Booker T: Five time! Five time! Five time! Five time! Five time! WCW champion, I know. And the Rock's been a seven-time WWE Champion, and he's even captured the WCW title once. That's all moot, really. Rocky's achieved a lot more than I have, and I don't have the kind of recognition he really has won for himself.

Mark: That's not to say you're a pushover yourself...

Booker T: What do you know, sucka? Everyone knows I could be out there right now, conquering Hollywood and giving everyone what they paid to see, the Spinaroonie. But you know what, sucka? I just don't want to.

Mark: Why not, Booker? You may not be the same as the Rock, but you're pretty spiffy in your own specialty. Your Bookend doesn't look any less devastating than the Rock Bottom.

Booker T: Man, what's wrong with you? The Rock's been one of the closest friends I've ever had in the WWE, and he's blazing a trail outside of the ring now. Me, I'm still in the ring because I don't think I can stand to lose what he was willing to lose in making it big in Hollywood. I'm secure where I stand already. Maybe I'm just not as great as I think I am, and he is.

Mark: Hey, Booker. You're breaking character here. Come on.

Booker T: No, Mark. Come on! Don't you get it? The Rock's proven every step of the way that he's a better Booker T. From the fans to the star power to the box office hits, I'm second fiddle! And yet in spite of all that, I still treat him like a brother. All I'm asking is for a bit of recognition that after all these years, I'm not half as bad as standing next to him makes me think I am.

Mark: Booker, this interview is not gonna make it to RAW tonight anymore. You've gone out of character already.

Booker T: So what? I mean, the Rock's gone and making movies, but when he comes back to the WWE, he'll just make everyone cheer for him like they always do as though he never even left. Me? I'm just this second-rate sumbish trying to make ends meet, and nobody really cares much where the direction of my character is going, no matter how stale it already is, saddled with this useless tag team with RVD.

Booker T: I'm sick of it, Mark. I'm sick of it. The Rock was the one person in the back who made me feel that I was doing something right with my career, and now, there he is, making history while me? Ha. I'm just the proud five-time holder of a belt David effing Arquette once held. You hear me, Mark? I'm sick of it!!!

Mark: Get a hold of yourself, Booker? Geez, what's wrong with you?

Booker T: He's left, you hear me? And me, I'm just going to be stepping around in his footsteps, never really having so much as half the attention he ever got. I'm a joke. Not a word of affirmation from the Rock, ever, and I'm still stuck here because I'm too scared of leaving the business I love so much behind. I gave my all to the wrestling industry, Mark. This is the kind of thanks I get for all of that.

Jim Ross cuts the tape at this point, and turns to Jerry Lawler. Jerry Lawler looks unnerved and sees Vince McMahon mulling over the botched interview. They obviously can't use it for RAW tonight. It's pretty much broken kayfabe all over the place.

Vince: Well, gentlemen, I have an idea. My son in law, HHH, doesn't want to go to Smackdown, but we have to make it seem like he is. I guess the best way to fix this is to trade HHH back to RAW in exchange for Booker T and the Dudleyz.

Jerry Lawler: Sounds like a good idea, boss.

Somewhere, somehow, Booker T is still lost. Never quite as great as the Rock, never quite as respected as the Rock. It all amounts to nothing in the end.

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