Thursday, July 29, 2004


I'm typing this in the Philosophy department... us poor T.A.'s are stuck here holding the fort while the teachers of the entire ADMU are holed up in the Academic Convocation in the Henry Lee Irwin Theater.

Bad joke, I know, but... what if somebody bombed that Academic Convocation? What the Hades would happen to the Ateneo by then? Would we humble T.A.'s take over?

.:This Sounds So Wrong:.

Chatting with mainime right now, and...

voldemort02: No way! I'm committed.

mainime: I know.

voldemort02: It gets hard from time to time...

voldemort02: ... the situation, I mean.

mainime: I know what you mean.

Oh, gee whiz. =)

.:Well, There We Go:.

My boardwork with George resulted in some solid training. I was trying to see how to coax my voice to come out of my diaphragm instead of my throat, and I still haven’t gotten the hang of it. It’s just that I realized how long a way I had to go before I managed to feel that I’m doing a great job, as I heard Eric Mana’s voice clips from long ago. He wasn’t so bad back then, but the difference in his modulation was amazing. It’s like two different people talking when I listened to a voice clip he made recently, then a fairly old one.

I hope I can improve some more on that. Any ideas regarding the diaphragm thing would really be appreciated.

Apparently, this debate I’m supposed to be doing with Anne tomorrow is a repeat of the debate I did this morning with George for her show. Something about Ponds and the identity of Karel’s secret admirer.

A couple of talkies...

George: So, Kel... who do you like among the three guys?

Marcelle: Uhh... that sounded... gay.

George: I didn't bait you into that one, so I see.

And then... off the air...

Marcelle: Wouldn’t it be funny if it turned out that Lee was actually in love with Diego, and not Karel?

George: Considering that your mom is part of the client, I’d like to hear you say that on the air, Kel.

Maybe not… but we still had a fun debate nonetheless. I was rooting for Lee, she was rooting for the obvious choice (Francis, the best friend.).

Poor Diego…


I’ve had lots of bloopers and all for today, but the flow of the show is getting there. I just wish that I’d be sent back to my stint with Anne as soon as possible… lots of the people I chat with emphasize how different it is with me around…

I seem to be stumbling on my reading every now and then. George is making me slow down again, and I like it, but I’m sure I’d be asked to speed up again when I’m back with Anne. We’ll see how that slight contrast works out, all the same. In any case, I’m having a blast with my work, it’s just that I end up being late for my 1:30 class for the most part due to the heavy lunch hour traffic, ironically.

Had a nice time chatting with the listeners, especially Chy and Evitz. Evitz has gained yet another insight on how my mind/heart works… heh. Chy, on the other hand, is fairly homesick. Hope she feels better soon…

.:Enough Already:.

It seems that no matter what the government does, complaints can and will always persist, and it’s fairly clear that people’s memories tend to run short all the time.

As I was dropping off a bunch of packages at the UP post office, I saw this publication that was depicting GMA in a negative light prior to her SONA. They seemed so gung-ho about showing off how much they knew, how they felt that GMA is an illegitimate ruler who was currying the favor of the United States government.


In case these people have forgotten, they were praying for GMA in favor of Fernando Poe, Jr. during the last elections. Now, they got their wish. And they still complain. These people seem to forget as well that wrong or right as her act may have been, she pulled out the Filipino contingent in Iraq in favor of sparing Angelo de la Cruz’ life, clearly earning the ire of the United States. These people flip-flop the fence, don’t they? In one article, they lambast her for being the “puppet” of the United States. A few paragraphs down, they begin to berate her for incurring the wrath of the U.S. over pulling out our troops from Iraq. Hooray for consistency.

I’m not a fan of the precedent we have set in leaving Iraq, as now, we have given terrorists an open door to try their trick on other countries in hopes of making them pull out their troops as well. I realize that GMA’s act has put a lot of people at risk, and guys like Jay Leno and so forth may be politically incorrect about it, but it’s pretty understandable why they didn’t like what happened.

However, I was never a fan of the war on Iraq in the first place. The war was started over supposed weapons of mass destruction, weapons that were never found in Iraq after the war. If the crux, the sole justification for their assault on Iraq, does not even stand, then what is the point of the whole thing, whether or not it was a success? Clearly, there is something wrong here. Bush has almost successfully “wagged the dog”, to the point that we are all too happy that the coalition forces have won the war against Iraq to even remember why they supposedly went to war in the first place.

And they ridiculed France for their non-participation in the war? Shouldn’t we ridicule everyone else for falling hook, line, and sinker to this yarn from the United States? Eff them all. They seem to be forgetting the whole point of this exercise.

I simply cannot understand, for the life of me, why people never seem to learn when to pipe down with all their complaints. They never seem to run out of things to complain about with the government, even if it takes some serious flip-flopping of principles for them to do it…

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