Saturday, July 24, 2004

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

.:The Traffic Jam To End All Traffic Jams:.

So and I were just hanging around Hobby Haven. He was playing Magic with Miguel, and I was teaching someone how to play WWE RAW Deal. Sacha then texted Peppy, and was hoping to get picked up from her dorm so we can all head off to her house for their poi session.

We made a break for it in spite of the horrible rain, and got into Peppy's vehicle. Soon enough, we were out and ready to pick Sach up, and then...

... the traffic jam hit.

Apparently, the road towards the U-Turn slot was flooded all the way to the waist. It was particularly annoying, because lots of people insisted on waiting it out instead of backing off to let the people who wanted to U-Turn go for it. And so, we were stuck in there for an hour in traffic. Sacha actually went on foot and brought us food, sat in the vehicle for a couple of minutes, then set out on her own to her house via LRT and MRT (Yes, she arrived sooner than we did.). All this while Sacha was scaring Peppy that since he and I would be alone when she left... then maybe the soap-dropping begins? I dunno.

Seriously, we were stuck there for the longest time, just talking and talking, and it took us just under three hours to get to Sacha's house, when it normally takes us under one. We got there, and we were the first guests at the house anyway, so no big deal. And then soon enough, the other people started showing up, and along with the usual suspects of Carl, Sean, Dominique, and Kathy's friends, there was Pan-M, and two new poi spinners (Who were doing exceptionally well as first-timers.), Eric (Not Vidal.) and Jun. Both seemed to be martial artists, so no wonder they were doing exceptionally well.

Kathy was showing off some of the videos she got from the internet of poi-spinning, and what got my attention much more, staff-spinning. I was doing exceedingly well using a staff in contrast to how I was with pois. If anything, I suppose I can do decently enough with that, and I can guarantee I wouldn't set myself on fire if in case I set my staff on fire. Wait... that didn't quite sound right...

It seems my reputation now precedes me with them... especially when it comes to off-color stuff and the Punisher... imagine how it'd be on my first day as a teacher...

Marcelle: I used to be a student like you guys. And I have to say, I suffered. A lot. And now that I'm your teacher, you have my word: it's your turn. But don't worry. This isn't revenge... it's punishment. ::sudden perkiness, big smile:: Okay! So for today...

.:She's Smokin'!:.

Sacha lit up her pois for the first time last night. She wasn't doing so bad, really. She just stuck to the basics and all, but at least she didn't burn herself or anything to that effect. Good for her. I wasn't too keen on doing pois, flaming or otherwise, simply because of my... mind-numbing experience from last time. I stuck to one poi, though.

A couple of times, I was almost hit at dangerous places when Pan-M tried to play around with his staff. V-ery scary...

.:Fall Into The Depths Of Darkness; Despair:.
A Villanelle by Marcelle T. Fabie

Fall into the depths of darkness; despair
Succumb to the abyss where not even hope can renew
O, how fate can indeed be so unfair!

Castles and moats; eons of care
Crumble into dust; they always do:
Fall into the depths of darkness; despair

Kingdoms; dynasties: they now lie bare
Lost their prestige; lost their grandeur!
O, how fate can indeed be so unfair!

Knights and warriors fight in vain; aware
And by their own sword they fall, for they too, if you knew:
Fall Into the depths of darkness; despair

Kings; lords: even they wouldn't dare
To see a futile cause through and through
O, how fate can indeed be so unfair!

And now their sad state I so do share
A sorrow; a void; for in the end, I too:
Fall into the depths of darkness; despair
O, how fate can indeed be so unfair!

.:Oh, Yeah...:.

You effed up big time, Marcelle.

Now, you can only hope, nay, pray, for redemption.

Brilliant, Marcelle. Bloody Brilliant.

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