Monday, July 12, 2004

More Literary Attempts

Finally! My last post that should've been posted over the weekend... :)

I dug up some of my old works, and came up with new ones. Let's just say I prolly have enough to feature one poem and one story fragment a day for the next two weeks (Weekdays only...). I hope you jabronis can tell me what you think. I'd so appreciate it. :)

I'm changing the format of my work, though. Hope you'd prefer the new format. :)

.:The Kantian Rationale:.
A Freeverse by Marcelle T. Fabie

I’ll help you. I’d do everything for you.
Don’t forget me when the time comes!
I’m here, and I know you want me here.
What can I do with your money next?
Rest assured you can count on me.
It’s best for us to help one another.
Scratch my back and I’d scratch yours.

I wave at you and I shake your hand
I’m all smiles- it’s my day, after all.
Pardon me if I’m proud of myself
I’ve built your house, you owe me one.
I’ve given you a life, you owe me two.
You owe me now; your kids do, too.
So remember me soon enough.

I don’t care if you hurt me in the past.
In my world, our memories run short.
No matter if you hated me yesterday.
You love me today. That’s all that matters.

Gullible pawns in this chess game I call a country.

.:Magnum Opus:.
A story fragment by Marcelle T. Fabie

He looks at the fruit of his years of labor: a masterpiece of marble. Truly one that will make him become remembered for all time.

Or so he thought.

His friends, the artisans, laugh derisively at his work. Never have they seen such a monstrosity. “Such a hopelessly unskilled artisan,” they think. Yet at the same time, they are humbled by the sheer profundity this monstrosity instills within them. “Such a great mind,” they believe.

His colleagues, the thinkers, chide his naïve message etched in stone. “Such a shallow mind,” they think. Yet at the same time, they marvel at the craftsmanship that formed this naïve sculpture. “Such a masterful artisan,” they believe.

Truly, his Magnum Opus.

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