Wednesday, July 28, 2004


.:Surprise, Surprise:.

Guess who'll be back with Anne this Friday at the Drive and Grind, 6 to 9 in the morning? ;)

Whether or not this return is permanent remains to be seen, but I'm really excited about this... =)

It might be a debate or something, though... let's see how that goes. Heh.


Dr. Leo Garcia still remembered me from the last time we met. I was just talking to George here and there about stuff regarding Calf Up people, and then we ran into Doc Leo. He then started chatting us up, as he apparently knew George a bit, too. Then, he asked me my line of interest in Philosophy, and then I realized that his definition of "film and Philosophy", while obviously different from mine (His focus was on the Philosophy of the film, not the story. Aesthetics, so to speak.), it was immensely enlightening for me. He then suggested a French writer whose name escapes me, as this writer wrote three volumes on film and Philosophy... that'd be immense help for me, no doubt.

I'm glad I ran into George and Doc Leo today. These people gave me my daily dose of intelligent conversation...

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