Friday, July 30, 2004

Random Thoughts

I have a three-part short story that I want to write, but I guess I need to give it some time. I also need help to differentiate the three different points of view… ah, well. We’ll see about it.

.:A Realization:.

I’m actually flexible with partners.

When I did the show today with Anne, I realized that I didn’t have any more chemistry with her than I do with George. It’s simply a deal of getting used to the person I’m working with, and not really a fixed kind of chemistry that no amount of constant interaction couldn’t improve. I realized this, and I more or less figured out that George’s training “regimen” for me is a fairly good one that I hope I could continue.

Of course, Anne might be fairly disappointed to know that George was teaching me how to read slower than Anne wants me to, in favor of a more rounded voice. Ergo, I’d have to see how that goes, if and when I am sent back to the Drive and Grind. We’ll see…

Anne picked Lee for the Pond’s thing, so I had to change my answer in favor of Francis. Neither of us wanted to go for Diego. Poor guy… heh.

In any case, the show was fairly smooth… I didn’t bother bringing earphones with me this time, so I was fully devoted to doing the show with Anne, but I can understand that she was a bit disoriented with me around, as she was mostly doing spiels here and there on her own… I guess it’s because unlike me, she does the show alone since the short-lived tandem was broken up…

But damn, despite the changes, such as lack of portions and no more chatroom, I sure missed doing the show, and I enjoyed my time there.

.:Lunch With The Boss:.

Camilo and I had a lunch meeting with Dr. Ibana at Tia Maria’s today, and I must say that the food was very unglamorous. Tacos and chips and burritos certainly don’t do much for one’s poise while eating… still, the meeting was fairly productive, but Camilo’s quips were extremely funny, as well as even some of Dr. Ibana’s.

.:Today’s Quotable Quotes:.

Look at this guy, Socrates. He’s such a flirt. He’s a man-slut!

- Dr. Gus Rodriguez, on the nature of the early Socratic dialogues.

Kapag naka-coat si Sacha, kamukha niya si Princess Leia. Kapag naka-jacket ka, kamukha mo si Darth Vader. Bagay!

- Dr. Ibana, on my fashion sense. He’s the second person to tell me that me and Sacha are a match (The first were co-workers in WAVE who told my mom behind my back that I had a date for "I, Robot"). If they only knew… heh.

Bakit kung sinu-sino kasama mo, ha? Hindi naman “****” pangalan ng girlfriend mo, ah! Malandi ka rin, ano? Saka buwisit naman itong mga lobo na ito sa silya natin. Mukha tayong mga bata.

- My partner T.A., Camilo Nogoy, in reaction to my recent rash of interactions with other people and the balloons all over Tia Maria’s…

Even in the world of hypotheticals, I still blow...

I know.

I didn't expect you to agree wholeheartedly...

- Me and Maia in chat...

.:Good For You:.

I got hugged by Fr. Nebres! Twice! I’m bouncing… XD

Err… okay. I’m sure that your cheerup technique won’t work for me, and boy, you weren’t kidding about preferring “mature” men…

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