Friday, July 30, 2004

Let's Do This...

.:Hypothetically Busted:.

Hypothetically speaking, if I were to go for you, would I have much of a shot?

Not really. Hypothetically speaking, you'd be really low on the pecking order.

So hypothetically, my ego just got deflated.

Hypothetically, I'm sorry.

Hypothetically, I'm depressed now.

.:Conversations, Dance Maniax, Pizza, And Pasta:.

So Sach and I had a nice conversation regarding her seeming uneasiness as of late. I guess I was right in supposing that her personality was neither the settling down nor the motherly type. Oh, well. I understand how that works, but like she put it, if she doesn't know what she's missing, then she couldn't feel too bad about it, hence the ease of remaining celibate, among other things.

After a while, we then headed off to Megamall to play some Dance Maniax, and Dominique was there shortly thereafter. I almost finished Happy Hopper on Center Mode, but I really messed up at the very end. Oh, well. Can't do much about that, I suppose. I was fairly off during my go. I felt particularly lacking, as I felt really off. It wasn't long before we collectively decided to eat at Sbarro's, which was certainly welcome to me, as I was in the mood to pig out, which I certainly did. Sacha's lip got hit by a poi, or a hit near her face caused her to bite her lip, and it shows. Anyways, over dinner, we were talking about Philosophy for the most part, especially with Heidegger's notion of unfolding (Still lifted from Greek thought, if you think about it.), and its relation to being.

This is mostly stemming from Isaac Asimov's definition of what it means to be alive: if you can possibly die, then you are alive. It may sound circular, as I pointed out, but to deeper thinkers, it makes absolute sense. To the average ponderer, it just seems like a valid reductionist statement, but certainly far from sufficient in order to explain things. I put the idea forward that similarly, Heidegger spoke of the nothing in a via negativa sense. In fact, he wrote a book on it. Then we started discussing that.

Anyways, among other things, we were mostly discussing the upcoming fire dancing audition that will be held tomorrow at Eastwood city. Hopefully that turns out well, as last time, they were essentially stood up. Ah, well. I'm sure they'd do pretty fine there.

Dom has been kind enough to spring for me, since I wasn't near an ATM at the time. I of course will not let myself be treated so I owe him 300 pesos or so...

There was something Dom and I agreed upon that made me say the Punisher tagline again (After a high five, I believe.). I know it was a poignant point in the discussion, but it completely slipped my mind what it was about. I hope he can remind me what that one was about...

I let the two... err... never mind... go ahead afterwards before I trudged on home. Never mind what I think. Or what I feel.

.:Absobloodylutely Reprehensible:.

I am severely annoyed over one of Grace's classmates in St. Luke's right now.

Apparently, in an effort to help out her students, their teacher in Biochem decided to hand one of their classmates via e-mail a copy of the test for the next day. This was done in secret as it was obviously illegal, but the teacher implicitly expected this student to let her classmates know.

Guess what? She didn't.

Worse, she seemed smug about knowing more about the test than the rest of the class did, then lamented that since it was they who needed this sample test, then it should've been them to have called or texted her about it. Who the Hades was she kidding? Nobody else knew that she was given those questions for dissemination until after the test. So how were her classmates supposed to even know about it? How annoying is that, huh?

I hope to Gawd she realized what she did. She essentially ensured herself a lot of enemies today...


.:Count Your Blessings: The Unsent Series Part XI:.

Dear Fidelity,

You must realize how blessed you are with where you stand right now. One could only hope that you not only recognize that fact, but that you also never take that fact for granted.

You spin the glimmering world on its axis quite like no other, and yet Marcelle cannot say the same for himself. Your words matter. His don't. Your thoughts matter. His don't. You are in something real. He's trapped in an illusion. It makes Marcelle feel frustrated and helpless that you're blazing such a trail, yet he's genuinely happy for you. It's the age-old story of the invisible man, who is nothing more than a novelty.

Count your blessings, Fidelity. Marcelle knows you deserve them, and that is precisely why he refuses to stand in the way of your happiness. However, make no mistake about it: you have but one shot at the eternal: fail, and words cannot express how Marcelle may very well react to that.

You're a good person, Fidelity. There is no question about that. But something within Marcelle simply strikes him with such sorrow whenever he sees you illuminated as such. It frustrates him, because it's not supposed to be that way. He's supposed to be the gargoyle: not the hunchback. Alack and alas, it appears that things are not as simple as he hopes them to be...

Good luck to you, Fidelity. May the light be kinder to you than it has been to Marcelle, though moments inevitably come in his life when he wishes to be taken out of the darkness... and yet, he is hardly in the darkness, truth be told.

You're smart, Fidelity. You know who you are.

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