Friday, July 16, 2004

Finally, A No-Nonsense Post...


Ran into sir Jude Rocha a couple of days ago. As expected, he was proud to have heard that one of his Radio 1 wards (I was under Chico as his "Buddy", but sir Jude was my "Big Buddy".) made a break into radio (For at least six months in my case... heh.). I'm glad he really was supportive of me.

However, let's just say that by the looks of it, I sure have my work cut out for me right now. I really have quite a lot on my plate at this point, although I did inadvertently miss today's production meeting in WAVE because I had classes during the time.

However, the tradeoff is that I have an Ancient Philosophy long test today, and I am now swamped with checking a whole stack of long tests, as it is quite apparent that I'm in for one Hades of a weekend.

I like the feel of the faculty lounge, though. Very cozy place... of course, considering my partner's efficiency, I feel like such a delinquent compared to Camilo...

I also found it flattering that someone saw the sonnet entitled “The Light Of Darkness” as a supposedly “very deep” poem. I’m flattered. I distinctly recall writing it in reference to Miriam Defensor-Santiago after Edsa III… so I guess it could mean more than that to other people, especially since the one who made the comment wasn’t in the country when Edsa III came around…

More quotable quotes with Jess this morning, though. Something about having some manly bonding with Robbie... or was it manly bondage? Oh, never mind.

.:More Dinner:.

Looks pretty harmless, doesn’t it?

Tonight was dinner with Sacha and Sean, as we all enjoyed a nice spot of lasagna, courtesy of Sach. Marvelously done lasagna, as always. I really did like it a lot. In any case, I certainly enjoyed dinner with the two of them, as we really had an interesting discussion that ranged from my fiction ideas to “Angels and Demons” to a bit of review for my Philosophy long test tomorrow, and whatnot. We did talk about disturbing ecchi all the same, and some spots of lee7 speak, which turned out to be quite hilarious for the most part.

Anyways, we almost went for the ice cream bar at Shakey's but we were pressed for time. Our discussions on the ultimate “aphrodisiac” was also a bit interesting, nonetheless...

Sean: So you know what the ultimate aphrodisiac is?

Marcelle: Me.

Sach promptly coughs in her drink. Oh, well. Disbelievers. Heh. Nonetheless, we were more or less just having fun and intelligent conversations, and there wasn't much of  a difference from how our group things usually went (Unlike my one-on-ones with Sach, which usually inadvertently produces exceedingly funny moments.), although more subdued and pressed for time. Things went smoothly for the most part, though.

I of course had to go back to my old line of “If Sach can get away without a pair, then give me long hair, and I can teach in ICA” bit…

Nonetheless, I must make a mental note that the pinky bit is soooo passé.,,

.:The Great Pretenders:.
A story fragment by Marcelle T. Fabie

(Note: This is a work of fiction. Keep that in mind.)

She walks silently and sits across him on the table.

“So, what's on your mind?” she playfully asks him as he fidgets a bit nervously. Quite uncharacteristic of him, truth be told. He's usually very calm and collected.

“Will I ever see you again?”

“What makes you think otherwise?”

“Oh, I don't know...”

“Then, if you don't know, what is there to worry about?”

“I guess you’re right...”

”I know I’m right.”

She looks at him with a measure of amusement. He seems to have no idea how to conduct himself as a million and one emotions tug at him from all directions all at the same time. She knows he doesn't like being governed by his feelings this powerfully. It ruins his image of being in control of himself at all times. But she knows him far better than she lets him on.

“I don't love you. Not at all,” he begins. His eyes stare at her dead-on, without blinking.

“Good. Neither do I. You're not quite my type.”



She looks at him some more, and he seems like his usual self again. It doesn't seem like he's bluffing at this point any longer. He's been extremely candid throughout the whole deal, and there's really no reason for him to hide how he really feels. Especially not with her. She's probably one of the most understanding people he's ever met.

He knows that she's fooling herself. She wants to believe him, but he realizes that in the back of her head, it's such a flattering thought that he, the unflappable, is liable to be just another one of them. He doesn't like that moral victory. Nor does he particularly think that it would be of any help to the both of them, either. He's unsure, and the messy things going on in his life right now do nothing to give him a sense of clarity. Is this what he fears it is? Is this what he hopes it to be? All he can be certain of is that he can never be sure of anything when it comes to her.

It's a battle of wills. It stings his ego that he isn't quite as irresistible as he thought he would be, although he finds it cute that she treats him with such an immense amount of respect. It annoys yet also pleases her that he's not too impressed by her appeal, either. One's amusement over being a goddess of sorts can only take her so far. In spite of their unbearably grandiose notions of self-worth, they amazingly hit it off well, but now the moment has come.

Neither will budge.

And so, they become friends. And chances are, they will stay friends, until someone learns to be humble for a change. Then, things might get interesting the moment that happens.

.:Live Through Me:.
A Sonnet by Marcelle T. Fabie

I have not failed, I have gone the distance
Yet I cannot quite be who you want me to be:
Another you, for within your well-laid plans
You will never allow me to simply be me
These are your dreams, they're not mine at all
Woeful Architect of delusions of grandeur
Live through me, and all else who may fall
For the greatest ruse: the promised cure
Oh, vile, vile Engineer of this Herculean sham!
As they all believe that you have set them free
To do your wishes, their minds are damned
But I know too well what they cannot see
That you will accept me for the way I simply am
Only if you can manage to live through me

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