Monday, July 19, 2004

Two New Short Stories

A Story Fragment by Marcelle T. Fabie

It was Kier Hart's first match and he was successful. In spite of the skepticism leveled upon him because of the reputation that preceded him, he managed to acquit himself quite well, and actually make quite a buzz in the industry. The WWE itself has been calling him up over the last couple of weeks, and he finally decided to sign a contract with them.

In a matter of a mere month and a half from his tenth successive win in Japan, he finally signed a contract with the WWE, who sent him straight to RAW. They wanted to make a star out of him, and unlike most other new talent, the only gimmick he really needed to get over was the fact that he was a member of the Hart clan. He makes an astonishing face debut to a fairly receptive crowd. Slowly but surely, Kier's dreams were finally seeing fruition. He isn't even at his prime yet, and already, all the breaks are coming his way. And then came the creative meeting.

There's just a sad advantage to workers who can actually attend these meetings...

Vince McMahon: That new kid we have on RAW. What's his name again, JR?

Jim Ross: That blue chipper, bah Gawd, is Kier Hart, Vince.

Vince McMahon: Didn't Hunter have a match with him last week?

HHH: I did-ah, Vince-ah. I don't think that kid's ready for the big leagues yet-ah. I had to carry him throughout our match, and he killed the heat on the show last Monday-ah.

Paul Heyman: Hold on a minute, Hunter. If I recall correctly, they were popping heavily every time he landed some offense on you.

HHH: What do you know-ah? I was the one wrestling the kid, not you-ah.

Vince McMahon: Nobody asked your opinion, Paul. Your jurisdiction is purely on Smackdown.

Jim Ross: What do you suggest, Vince?

Vince McMahon: Send the kid to Heat for the next couple of months or so. If things don't go too well for him, give him some time back at OVW for more development.

Paul Heyman: But the fans love this Hart!

Vince McMahon: On to the next agenda for tonight... pipe down, Paul.

Apparently, the Montreal incident still lives on...

.:The Unsent Wanderer:.
A Story Fragment by Marcelle T. Fabie

It was a far from average brood of five. The result of two broken clans that came together, and yet the varying temperaments that come together have shaped each and every one of these individuals radically. These aristocrats, as they were, would find themselves quite together yet quite apart all the same. Each of them were sent on a journey, and each of them took a different path.

The youngest was still too naïve and too underaged to really know what lies ahead for him. His eyes are resplendent of a kind of wisdom beyond his years, yet there is still so much he has to go through. The youngest is still in need of molding, in need of shaping. He has yet to take the first step towards his true journey, and so the moment he turned to go, they called him back.

The fourth seems to have never grown beyond childhood. The genuine bard in the intertwined clan, it is unsure to this day if his name will end up being recognized in the realm of musicality. His melody is of a dark, and jagged element, yet he still manages to carry some aura of certitude around him. Juvenile as he was, he set out in his travels, like a wandering minstrel, singing arcane hymns that none could quite ever really understand.

The third is in love with love, and is tossed to and fro by his other siblings, one moment desiring to be like one, the other desiring to be like one other. He seems to have no direction, no rhyme or reason, yet his idealistic spirit keeps him afloat in the midst of the confusion that he finds himself completely immersed in. He contents himself with following whomever he thinks is getting somewhere worthwhile among his siblings.

The second is the only woman: the sole rose among the thorns. She thinks she knows where she's headed, yet she's merely going where she is told to. She has successfully deluded herself into thinking she wants to go where she is headed. It would be quite a shock for her when she wakes up from this delusion. And so she walks on towards a well-lit path, completely oblivious to the fact that they are lighting it for her.

The eldest is the lone wolf who knows where he's headed, yet is the only one whom they refuse to will on. He sets out on a search for Truth, and finds himself locked in this curious trap he has formed for himself.


Loneliness haunted him each step of the way, and in his journey for Truth, he realized that loneliness is far from good company.

In the darkness of the forests, he was left blinded and lost. He knew where he wanted to go, but the darkness kept him. Finally, in his moment of desperation, he found a Torch. The Torch spoke to him.

”I will be there to guide you. Take me with you.”

The eldest took the Torch and found in her a companion that he could treasure. The Torch kept him from losing his way, and kept him safe from the wild beasts in the dark forests.

”You have done well, my Torch. Please stay with me forever.”

”I will. I promise.”

The Torch kept on burning, and the eldest continued on his way. It was only a matter of time before the Torch burned out on him. And so he was lonely.

He was still in the midst of the dark forests, and yet he took to the skies in the night, and saw the Moonshine and the Starlights. They called out to him.

”We are here for you, valiant wanderer.

And so the eldest wanderer took to them. He felt companionship with them. But he realized that it wasn't quite enough. They were far from him. And he knew he could never reach them. The moment that he found himself out of the darkness and into the desert, he found that they no longer offered him any consolation.

And again, he was lonely.

In the desert, he found a fellow traveler. She was silent. But she walked with him. But he knew this eerie silence could not last. She never broke into a smile. One day, he decided to speak to her.

”Do you travel the same path as I do?”

She looks at him with weary eyes, and in that instant, he knew what was going to happen next.

”I am tired. I am far too jaded to travel the path that you take. It is far too painful for me.”

It was clear that they had to part ways, for she was in too much pain to travel the path that he has chosen to travel. She was Scarred, and she was on her way to elsewhere.

Finally, after further traveling on his own, he found a great library. Perhaps his quest for Truth would be sated here. And so book after book, tome after tome, scroll after scroll, he pored over them. He knew, he understood, he grasped all that his intellect allowed him to. He was smitten by this onrush of knowledge, by this flow of ideas.

”Fame and glory will be yours. This knowledge that you possess will make you great. Join me, great traveller. All will revere you.”

But he knew Brilliance wasn't enough.

Inasmuch as he would be rewarded with fame and renown, he realized that at this point in his life, as it was with his past companions, Brilliance, as powerful a companion as she may be, would not lead him to Truth. He realized that Truth doesn't want to be found for any sake beyond herself. There was something more than that. Something far more primordial.

In utter despair, the eldest fell to his knees and began to do something that he has never done before: put his hopes in finding Truth outside of himself. And then an inner peace swept over him. An inexplicable tranquility, and a promise that things would be far better than he believed they could be. He finally had a realization, and this realization humbled him. Still on his knees, he prayed for guidance.

Cast your burdens upon me, those who are heavily laden. Com to me all of you who are tired of carrying heavy loads. Come to me, and I will give you rest.

At long last, Truth was knocking at his door. The gift of the Divine. At that moment, he knew that he was saved by grace.

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